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5 Tips on How to Resolve Your Mental Problems


In a recent survey, the demographic statics state that the illness or to be specific to the health problems that is spreading like wildfire among the common masses is none other than mental retardation and mental health problems. The daily rat race in the sake of survival and progress of humankind is one of the reasons for the prevalence of such poor mental health.

Excessive work pressure and mental stress have led to such a situation. Daily assignments, deadlines, heavy duties, company projects, etc., all of these add extra pressure to the everyday pressure cooker which is steaming and boiling people regularly. These daily stressful errands are responsible for people’s ill mental health.

Another reason for the lack of mental peace is problems in one’s personal life. This is a significant factor which dominates mental depression in one’s life. To avoid or overcome these mental disturbances one should obey the following tips and religiously practice them.                             

  1. Avoid Alcohol, Smoking or Drugs

It is easier for an alcohol consumer, smoker or a drug addict to fall under mental depression rather than other ordinary people. Some people believe that these items of addiction help oneself to relief stress. But this is a thoroughly wrong and vague concept.

If a person consumes alcohol, smokes or take drugs to make himself or herself stress-free, he may find mental peace for few moments, but he is bound to feel more depressed and filled with anxiety the day after. See this is an example of how lousy addiction is unsafe for a person. There are several side effects of these elements of addiction.

Consuming alcohol effects our brain through thiamine deficiency. Thiamine is necessary for our brain especially for motor control and coordination and can cause memory and eye problems as well. Smoking especially smoking of cigarettes causes irritation and more of anxiety problems. Drugs turn out to be the most dangerous addiction of the lot with side effects like low moods, paranoia and delusions.

The most dreadful fact is that addiction to drugs can lead to a serious mental disease like schizophrenia as well. Thus we see how much harmful addiction of liquor, smoking and drugs can be.

  1. Value Yourself – Taking Tender Care of Our Body and Mind

We should at first respect our self; we should be kind to ourselves and treat ourselves with the utmost care. We should be satisfied and take pride in however we look. Some people repent upon having drooping eyes, big noses, elf-like ears, etc.

They do not realise they can shape up themselves beautifully as they are. For example, haircuts for big noses, eye-liners for drooping eyes, beautiful earrings for elf-shaped ears. See this is a perfect example for that. They can groom themselves beautifully in this way and fall in love with their own self.

This will help increase their self-confidence and avoid mental depression arising from inferiority complex. One should also stress on the inculcation of moral values that would help in beautifying the inner self. This would help in keeping oneself self-content and maintaining good mental health.                                  

  1. Try to be sociable, connect with others, help others and ask for help if needed

Humans are social animals. They do not want to be left out alone in this vast world. This is why humans, through ages,  across the world have been keen on connecting with people of their similar kind, even if this task involves crossing mountains or oceans.

Making an effort to maintain healthy relationships with people and giving a warm talk with them whenever you get a chance, is one of the best ways to maintain one’s mental peace. A person should sacrifice his self-esteem and have a welcoming attitude towards people. This is the reason why social networking media is flourishing day by day.

  1. Managing Stress

Stress in both personal and professional fields creates mental breakdown for several persons. Making out a leisure time from one’s routine is a must. It allows you to breathe in the daily hustle bustle of life. One should also take vacations after a certain period. Thus in such a manner, one can avoid stress in the course of his daily errands.

  1. Physical exercise is essential

A person’s physical health is complementary to one’s mental health. Mental health and physical health is directly proportional to each other. To maintain one’s mental health physical exercise is a must. Morning and evening exercise, even for five minutes can be productive.