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5 Types Of Synchronistic Connections Which Show That We Don’t Meet People By Chance


The people we meet in life come with strong lessons that are crucial for our personal growth. If you focus on what lesson every person in your life brings, you will notice just how much you can learn from everyone – those that come and go, and those who are here to stay.

We are all connected and we all come in each other’s lives to bring valuable lessons to one another and learn from one another. Some come to wake you up, others to repeat the lesson you refused to learn, and there are those who come to heal and those who come to grow with you.

Here are the 5 types of synchronistic connections which show just how meaningful each person is in our lives.

1. Those who come to awaken you

The experience with this kind of connection doesn’t always need to seem ‘positive,’ as these people come to your life with the role to wake you up and shake down the false reality you have created around yourself.

They usually come, open your eyes, and go away. However, if you don’t manage to understand the lesson, they’ll linger around until you finally have.

2. Those that come to remind you

We often learn something that we soon start forgetting, because we have stopped at the point of understanding it, but have gone into the wrong direction and didn’t implement that knowledge into our lives.

The people who come to remind you are those who will evoke this knowledge from deep inside you and make you face it all over again if needed. If those who came to awaken you didn’t leave the lasting impact on your soul, these surely will.

3. Those that make you grow

Often assuming the role of the teacher in your life, these people will actively follow your behavior and encourage you to become better than yesterday. A positive experience is guaranteed if you are ready to accept to let go of your vanity and start living up to what they believe you can become.

4. Those who hold space for you

These people don’t even have to have an active role in your life – they may be just regular passers who are ready to see your struggle and let you know that they can truly feel your pain without any judgment or the need to fix you.

They give you the gift of presence – the feeling that you are not alone, and that people care. Yet, there are also some friends that will achieve the same effect.

5. Those who are here to stay

The rarest of all are those who come and stay. These people will be your twins in growth and you will learn from one another for a lifetime. Their impact on your life will be the largest, just as yours on their lives. Expect every possible experience with them – from the most joyful moments to the saddest or most disturbing ones. They hold the strongest lesson and, all in all, the most difficult one.

Inspired by: Soul Spot