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5 Ways to Prevent Hearing Loss


Even if you currently have sharp hearing, there’s no guarantee it will remain that way. And, you may not even realize when your sense of hearing begins to falter. The symptoms of weak hearing are so subtle that you don’t realize when you’re feeling them. Do you blast music, avoid getting hearing tests, and are never in a quiet area? If so, you’re increasing your risk of hearing problems. The causes of hearing issues range from an earwax buildup, a ruptured eardrum, or an infection. Even viruses like the flu can cause ear canal damage. And, if you get frequent headaches, you may be at a higher risk of impairment. Regardless of your risk factors, it’s best to care for your hearing to avoid future issues.

While impairment usually occurs between 60 and 69, seniors are not the only ones affected. Several infants are born with impairments in one or both years. Some children and adults over 18 can suffer as well. You can’t prevent genetic or age-related hearing loss. However, other common reasons (like noise-induced loss) are preventable. So, it’s important to practice hearing care techniques, no matter how old you are. Read on to protect your ears and prevent hearing loss.

Start with protection.

Protecting your ears is an excellent way to prevent hearing loss. Start with investing in good-quality sound-proof headphones if you’re in a noisy area. Also, remember that the weather plays a role in hearing loss as well. For example, if you’re in a frigid area, don’t skip the earmuffs. Cold weather can cause exostosis, a condition that can lead to hearing loss.

If you like the outdoors, protect your ears to prevent the risk of injury-related hearing loss. Use sound-proof headphones if you’re using power tools. If you wear earplugs, invest in good quality ones. Earplugs can be useful for musicians or those around loud activities. However, lousy quality earplugs can damage your eardrums and do more harm than good.

Get regular hearing tests.

When did you last visit an audiologist? And what about getting a professional hearing test? Age-related hearing loss is a common issue, but the condition can creep up on you at any age. If you’re not yet a senior, chances are you’ve never even been to a hearing screening. To prevent hearing loss, gauge your risk factors as early as possible. After all, you don’t want to go from hearing tests to hearing aids in days.

If you need a hearing aid, don’t worry about being uncomfortable. With the advancements in qualified hearing care, you can get a variety of custom hearing aids. Read customer reviews, and check the price and star rating of hearing aids before buying a pair. If you’re not ready to visit a licensed audiologist, you can try an online hearing test.

However, a professional hearing test is always the best option. Make sure you visit a qualified hearing care center with a licensed audiologist. Some hearing test centers offer the opportunity to take a free online hearing screening. You can take this before scheduling an appointment for a hearing test. According to your test results, you can decide how to take care of your hearing. You can attempt to get a better hearing with hearing aids or traditional medicine. If you’re still in the clear, take preventive measures to prevent lousy hearing.

Focus on your health.

Did you know that your immunity levels can affect your hearing? For better hearing, you need better health. So, focus on strengthening your immune system to avoid ear damage.

Things like inflammation in the inner ear can also cause hearing impairments. An excellent way to fight this is to boost your immune system and keep inflammation at bay. You can improve your diet with an immunity blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. When you shop for VedaOils, herbs, and supplements to boost immunity, make sure you’re getting the best quality. Experts like Dr. Danielle Saunders suggest improving immunity with wellness-boosting fungi blends.

Some anti-inflammatory herbs and spices boost immunity and help prevent deafness. Try eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary, chamomile, and honey. You can also consume yogurt and vitamin C-rich foods. Wellness is also about allowing your mind and body to relax. A stress-free life can boost immunity too. If you prefer to use essential oil, pick a scent like Rosemary Essential Oil or invest in tea tree oil for your diffuser.

Embrace some silence.

Do you spend lots of time in a noisy environment? Is there so much background noise that you’ve tuned it out? Spend some time in a quiet area at least once or twice a week. Don’t spend too much time near the source of loud noises.

If you’re around loud noises at a concert or outdoor event, rest your ears afterward. If you use earphones or earplugs throughout the day, give them a break every half hour. Also, keep the volume low since loud frequency sounds can damage your inner ear.

Keep your ears clean.

To prevent hearing loss, improve your self-care routine. Anything that can block the ear canal like germs and earwax can affect your hearing. To ensure better hearing and prevent future hearing loss, it’s essential to keep your ears clean.

People who wear hearing aids have to be more careful about inner ear cleanliness. Remove your hearing aids often to clean your ears. Even if you’re young and have good hearing, clean them out regularly to prevent germs. In addition, use earwax removal drops to clean your ear canal. And, remember not to use too many cotton swabs. Cotton swabs can cause injuries that may lead to hearing loss rather than prevent it.