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5 Ways to Recover Mentally from an Accident at Work


If you have had an accident at work and been badly injured, you may find that the long recovery process makes you feel down. You may have injuries that will stop you from doing the things you enjoyed before the accident, and the knowledge that your life can never be the same can cause depression to set in.

Here are 5 ways to recover mentally from an accident at work:

Pursue Justice

Suppose your injury was caused by a safety regulation being overlooked, faulty equipment, or poor maintenance of workplace property. In that case, it might help you to feel more contented if you can claim compensation for your injuries. Winning a compensation claim will provide you with money to cover loss of income if you are unable to work and will take some pressure off you so you can concentrate on your recovery. A lawyer will be able to give you advice on how to prove negligence and fight your case for you.

Rest and Relax

When you have been injured, you must give your body and brain time to recover fully. If you have been assigned to bed rest, make sure you do as you are told and stay in bed. Ask a family member if they could move in with you if you live alone, or ask your partner to take some time off work to look after you. If you rest as required, your healing will be quicker. A rested body means a relaxed mind. If you are able to walk and move around, still rest when you feel tired, and build up an exercise routine gradually if you have bad injuries.

Use the time off work to do the things you never have time for. Pamper yourself by watching movies or your favorite television show, read a good book, listen to an audiobook, or have a soak in the bath and put on a refreshing facemask.

Get a Hobby

 If you have been a bit of a workaholic and now find yourself at home with nothing to occupy your mind, consider taking up a hobby. A hobby such as knitting, painting, baking, or doing crossword puzzles will give you something to do each day, and you will spend less time sitting thinking about your injuries and harboring resentment.

Stay in Touch

 Do not isolate yourself from friends, family, and colleagues.  Regularly phone, email, or partake in online chat with people who make you feel loved and happy. Keep in touch with colleagues so that you can keep up to speed with what is happening at your workplace, but try not to bad-mouth any employees involved in your accident.

Seek Help 

Contact your doctor if you find that you are struggling to cope with the aftermath of your accident. Your GP will be able to give you advice or medication if they think it will help you. They may also put you in touch with a counselor so that you can talk with them about your worries and concerns.