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5 Ways to Reinstate the Right Mindset Even After the Meditation Session


If meditation and yoga have been part of your daily routine lately, you’ve probably noticed the obvious changes in your lifestyle. In addition, this could have influenced you into taking up measures that would bring improvements to your body. This entire practice would appear as if it was some sort of self-care you deserved after all the stress you’ve been through, finally, some pampering and time where you do not have to think about anything else but your relaxation. Such practice can have you being at peace with yourself while being aware of the environment around you.

Meditation workshops generate that calming effect after every session, almost as if you do not want to break free from that condition. However, it is important to remember that going back to reality and reintegrating yourself with society. As much as we want to maintain the state of mind we’ve formed during the meditation session, it is needed to consider that those under such workshops would perceive the transitioning from a peaceful encounter to the current situation as a bit challenging. Sometimes, they’re not even prepared to face the demands of the real world. You feel like embodying two different personas all at the same time. One is very active and ready to take on whatever is tasked of him. Another is on the verge of mental instability due to the stress being received.

We have experiences that certainly leave us with no choice but to improve the current versions of ourselves. This permits us to commit necessary changes in all aspects of how we handle our lives. We investigate the reasons and causes of things, weigh the options given and evaluate our decisions. In every experience, we feel the need to be acknowledged. This calls for trusting ourselves with our intuitions and relying on our gut feeling regardless of whether we’re uncertain or not about something. Being able to prove ourselves could take a lot of effort but most of the time, it feels satisfying. We feel most satisfied when we’re able to prove others wrong about their initial thoughts about us.

But before we know it, this motivated mindset we’ve worked so hard to build during the meditation session could be forgotten upon reaching home. However, this could be fixed once through this article.

We don’t have to fret about the transition from the workshop to the current environment we’re returning to. Listed below are some of the things that can be considered doing to keep that mindset intact:

1. Check your breathing

Our breathing could be a very good indicator of your body’s current state. Upon reaching our houses, we immediately think about the problems concerning our family and other personal issues. This results in us being totally different persons from the session. We can inevitably be bombarded with several things at once, so it’s understandable how it only takes a problem to easily remove our grip on the mental state we’ve worked hard to stabilize during the meditation retreat. To address this, we should allow a short time to monitor our breathing patterns. The pacing between the inhales and exhales and filling our thoughts with details that reflect the current environment. (1)

2. Apply physical exercises

Sitting for a long period of time could be very distressing not only physically but mentally. It’s only natural for your body to demand movement, especially from hours of only sitting. We can begin by applying short physical exercises to help your mind process thoughts and maintain the right kind of mindset that is advised during the retreat. There are multiple videos on the Internet that we can utilize to carry out meditation.

3. Adopt a healthy diet

Food is also important in keeping the refined mindset intact. This includes selecting the right kinds of food and food combinations. This also means doing away from the usual unhealthy food choices we’re used to having. It would be difficult to change our food habits at first, but soon after, we will not be used to craving unhealthy foods as long as we train ourselves to follow our respective diet practices.

4. Pamper yourself

Self-love is an important part of meditation and it must be practised even when we feel like we do not deserve it. All the work and stress we’ve encountered can have its toll on our health. Therefore, taking care of ourselves must be a priority. Taking a special time for ourselves allows us to make better decisions and reassess our performance as an individual.

5. Apply meditation

Meditation does not stop at the retreat itself. It could be done at home, too! There are several resources available online that we can rely on at any time. This is a great tool for us to maintain our mental stability and well-being. Depending on how we practice our self-discovered meditation techniques, we know ourselves better than others. 

6. Wrapping up

Ready to do meditation? Have a go with the Maryland MD Mindfulness website to conduct your meditation session at home. (2)

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