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5 Ways To Stop Overthinking And Find Peace Right Now


Overthinking is the root of all your problems. It makes things look more complex than they are. You carry it on your shoulders like all the problems of the world. It weighs.

Something happens, and you can’t stop thinking about it. It hunts you for days, weeks, months, even years. You can’t’ free yourself to see the real situation.

You are a slave of your own mind, being in a box with no keys to get out of it. You feed your imagination with cloudy thoughts. You overthink.

This is how you can help yourself to stop overthinking and find peace of mind.


The Sun is calling you outside. You take a quiet walk with Mother Nature. The wind is playing with your hair gently while you pick up some flowers. That pleasant grass smell evokes all your senses. Birds are singing, butterflies show you the path. Everything seems to fall into its place. And you feel alive. Yes, you do!

Have you lost your mind in nature? More precisely, I should ask: have you found your soul there? When you’re in nature, you focus your mind on all the beauty, and it seems like all your worries stop right there.


Meditation is a great remedy for overthinking. It helps you look deep down into the real version of your thoughts, yourself. When you meditate, your thoughts focus on the present moment. All negative vibes stop, and you stop overthinking.

Take at least 10 minutes a day to be alone with your thoughts. Just your thoughts and you. If you still can’t silence your mind, try yoga.


Maybe you are good with languages, have a talent for drawing, maybe you can dance well…or maybe you enjoy playing some football. Whatever it is: get busy. You have a lot of energy to give!

Getting a hobby makes you focus your energy on things that fulfill you. It is fun and a great way to escape your overthinking.


What can bring more pleasure and peace than a warm hug with your pillow? That’s right, sleeping is one of the ways to help you stop overthinking.

Don’t drink coffee before going to bed. Distract yourself from the mobile devices. Relax. Close your eyes. Rest your mind. Calm your imagination. Wake up refreshed and full of energy!


When overthinking, people don’t connect with reality. They may think of a problem from the past which is gone. They may feel scared about what future brings. They torture themselves with details. And everything seems to go wrong.

Instead of overthinking, live now. Always try to see the things from the bright side. Fill your mind and soul with optimism and lightness.

Does this work for you? Do you have your own ways?

Sharing your thoughts and suggestions may help other people find their peace of mind.

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Image: Alessio Albi