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50 Things To Remove From Your Home For A Fresh Start To The New Year


2019 is making its way towards us and you know how they say new year-new beginnings.  So, if you want to start the new year feeling fresh and prepared, it’s time you made some changes.

Maybe you’ll find it hard to believe, but clutter in the home has a direct effect on your mood. It makes you feel tired, unproductive, and even unhappy. So, in order not to feel this way, what you have to do is pretty obvious – declutter your home.

Whether you’re disorganized, messy, or just too lazy to clean up after yourself, you need to remember that it’s important for you to learn letting go of things. While it’s true that life without material things is impossible to imagine, you have to understand that it takes a lot more than these so as to feel genuinely happy and lead a meaningful life.

Therefore, instead of focusing and attributing value to material possessions, you should focus more on how you feel and your state of mind. Decluttering your home will not only make your place more pleasant and useful, but it’ll also enable you to save yourself from the stress that clutter creates and concentrate on more meaningful things.

So what are you waiting for? Search through stuff in your home and get rid of the things you no longer use and need. Throw those things away, or even better, donate them to people who really need them.  

Okay, so let’s see what things no longer deserve a place in your home:

1. Clothes that no longer fit you

2. Broken home appliances

3. Old shoes

4. CDs you don’t listen to anymore

5. Empty bottles and all kinds of containers

6. Make-up which is past its expiry date

7. Mismatched socks

8. Old paid bills as well as

9….tickets to concerts that you already went to

10. Dishes you don’t need

11. Pills that are past their expiry date

12. Broken phones

13. Chipped mugs and plates

14. Dried flowers

15. Broken tools

16. Extra chairs, tables, and cabinets you never use  

17. Cookbooks you’ve never even opened

18. Jars, boxes, and bottles you never use

19. Shoes boxes 

20. Old brushes and hairpins

21. DVDs you don’t listen to and watch anymore

22. Greeting cards from 10, 20 years ago or who the hell knows when

23. Snacks you don’t eat

24. Office supplies you don’t use

25. Toys from your childhood

26. Travel brochures

27. Games you don’t play

28. All kinds of cosmetics you don’t like or use

29. Garden tools you never use

30. Stained shirts

31. Wallets you no longer use

32. Outgrown pajamas

33. Extra cushions

34. Old magazines

35. Gifts you’ve never liked

36. Broken Christmas decorations

37. Necklaces, rings, and bracelets you don’t use anymore

38. Old planners.

39. Sheets and blankets you no longer use

40. Expired nail polish

41. Jogging pants you don’t use

42. Documents you no longer need

43. Old invitations

44. Bags and purses you don’t use anymore

45. Old catalogs

46. Cords you don’t use

47. Blunt knives

48. Appliances you don’t use

49. Old textbooks

50. Old pillows

50 Things To Remove From Your Home For A Fresh Start To The New Year