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51 Slangs From The 1920s We Should Start Using Again


The 1920s have some of the most creative and funniest slangs you can find in the English language (aside from the sexist, misogynist, racist, and prohibitive ones, of course). So many of them are hilariously entertaining, and there are some slangs that could fit so nicely in this time.

So, if you wanted to speak like the actors in the oldies, or sound like the characters in The Great Gatsby, here’s your chance to shine!

1. air tight: very attractive

2. alarm clock: a chaperone

3. banana oil!: I doubt that!

4. big timer: A charming and romantic man

5. bimbo: a tough guy

6. blotto: drunk, especially to an extreme

7. Butt me: I’ll take a cigarette.

8. Cash or check?: Do we kiss now or later?

9. cast a kitten: to have a fit

10. Charlie: a man with a mustache

11. cheaters: eyeglasses

12. chin music: gossip

13. coffin varnish: bootleg liquor, often poisonous.

14. dead soldier: an empty beer bottle.

15. declaration of independence: a divorce

16. dimbox jaunt: a taxi ride

17. drugstore cowboy: A well-dressed man who loiters in public areas trying to pick up women.

18. dumb Dora: an absolute idiot, a dumbbell, especially a woman; flapper.

19. face stretcher: an old woman trying to look young

20. fire extinguisher: a chaperone

21. flat tire: a bore

22. flour lover: a girl with too much face powder

23. giggle water: booze

24. go chase yourself: get lost, scram.

25. goofy: in love

26. hair of the dog: a shot of alcohol.

27. handcuff: engagement ring

28. hen coup: a beauty parlor

29. hokum: nonsense

30. hope chest: a pack of cigarettes

31. “I have to go see a man about a dog.”: “I’ve got to leave now,” often meaning to go buy whiskey.

32. insured: engaged

33. iron one’s shoelaces: to go to the restroom

34. joe: coffee

35. john: a toilet

36. kneeduster: skirt

37. lip stick: a cigarette

38. lollygagger: an idle person

39. manacle: wedding ring

40. mind your potatoes: mind your own business.

41. mop: a handkerchief

42. Nobody Home: Describes someone who is dumb

43. noodle juice: tea

44. on a toot: a drinking binge

45. panther sweat: whiskey

46. petting pantry: movie theater

47. prune pit: anything that is old-fashioned

48. rain pitchforks: a downpour

49. screaming meemies: the shakes

50. water-proof: a face that doesn’t require make-up

51. zozzled: drunk

I don’t know about you, but whenever I have a joe, I immediately go to iron my shoelaces. And if there’s someone in the john for too long, I tend to cast a kitten.

If you want to read more slang expressions from the 20’s, visit this link. As for me, I have to go see a man about a dog. Have fun!