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51 Things I Am Definitely Teaching My Daughters


1. Chocolate is only a temporary fix.

2. Your happiness belongs to you and only you.

3. Don’t spare that extra slice of pizza if you feel like eating it.

4. Wear the things that make you gracefully at ease.

5. See the beauty in all things.

6. Love the world unconditionally.

7. Do everything in your might to keep in touch with far-away friends.

8. Make everyone feel at ease around you.

9. Always walk with your chin up.

10. If you feel like it, order a cheeseburger on the first date.

11. Dental hygiene is not multiple choice.

12. Your GPA doesn’t define you.

13. There’s so much strength in breaking down.

14. Who said you have to like yoga?

15. “Classy” is very relative.

16. If you like whiskey, don’t think twice before drinking it.

17. Same goes for wine.

18. Don’t be afraid to like the things you like.

19. You don’t owe the world an explanation.

20. Don’t be afraid to cry with your friends.

21. And with them, laugh until you can’t breathe.

22. Don’t be afraid to tell me everything.

23. Who said there’s shame in hoping for love?

24. Don’t take sex lightly.

25. Until they reach 26, men are effectively idiots.

26. It’s a lie that carbohydrates are the enemy.

27. Enjoy hot baths, but avoid bath salts.

28. You are capable – you are more than that.

29. Smile only when you mean it.

30. Travel. A lot.

31. Get back home tired, smelly, and with a good story.

32. Too small and tight can never be as sexy as well-fitting and modest – there is a lot of sexy in some mystery.

33. Don’t mix humility for subservience. They are not synonyms.

34. There are so many good things – nothing as good as some fresh air.

35. Carry your weight.

36. Your skin – be gentle with it, respect it.

37. Your story is just a compilation of others’ stories – it’s not really yours.

38. Yeah sometimes it’s nice, but let’s face it – that salad can never be better than pasta.

39. Choose at least three green veggies you can tolerate.

40. A smoothie has never been a meal.

41. Always have the best expectations from everyone.

42. Be ready for people to let you down.

43. There’s one kind of man you’ll need to avoid at all costs. You’ll know it when you meet him.

44. If others say it’s right, it doesn’t have to feel right.

45. And what feels right is where your happiness is.

46. Construct an opinion and stick to it.

47. Don’t be afraid to argue with people when needed.

48. Fight fiercely if it’s worth fighting for.

49. Never fight for acceptance. There’s no reason you should.

50. Listen to classical music from time to time.

51. Chocolate ice cream, however, might just be a permanent fix.


Source: Thought Catalog