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6 Effective Strategies To Deal With People Who Want To Trash Your Happiness


Unfortunately, we all have people in our lives that try to downplay our achievements and ruin our happiness. You may have that one friend that tries to undermine your confidence every time you achieve some success.

You may have that one co-worker who criticizes you and tries to belittle you in front of your boss every time he/she praises you for something you did. Or you may have that one family member who always acts like they’re superior to you because they can’t stand the fact that you are fulfilled and successful. 

So, the real question is: What can you do to prevent someone from making you feel bad?

Well, if you think you have someone who wants to trash your happiness in your life, here are 6 effective strategies you can use so that their words and actions don’t affect you:

1. Remember that it’s okay to be happy, even when those around you aren’t.

There will always be someone who’ll envy your good looks, professional success, satisfying love life, or amazing family. There will always be someone who will roll their eyes when you laugh or share an achievement.

But, remember their envy is their own problem. Some individuals can’t resist the urge to compete with those around them. And there’s nothing you can do to change this.

Therefore, always remember that it’s fine to be happy, even when those around you aren’t. You can sympathize with their pain, but you must not allow their problems and pain to ruin your happiness and hinder your growth.

2. Remember that happiness is a result of hard work.

When others tell you those “do-not-chase-the-rainbow” clichés, don’t listen to them because they don’t know your story. They don’t understand that the reason you lead a happy, fulfilling, successful life is not that you were born under a lucky star. Rather, you worked hard to get where you are in life now.

You were not afraid to make mistakes, sacrifice your desires, and take risks. You were not afraid to accept and face your failures, both in your personal and professional life. And most importantly, you knew that genuine happiness includes the willingness to be patient.

3. Having a lot of money doesn’t equal happiness.

Facts, such as how high you stand on the social ladder, how much money you make, how many fancy cars you own, or how many pieces of expensive jewelry you have, don’t determine your happiness. Possessing expensive material things like these can bring you satisfaction -no one denies that. But, this kind of satisfaction doesn’t last long. It’s transient.

On the other hand, being a kind, compassionate person and being surrounded by people who truly love and care about you is what comprise genuine happiness. So, if you fit this description and you’re blessed to have this kind of people in your life, know that there’s no such word or action that could trash your happiness.

4. Remember that happiness isn’t an egotistical goal.

Everyone deserves to live a happy, meaningful, fulfilling life. Then, how can your wish and efforts to achieve happiness be egotistical?  “Happiness is an egotistical goal” is something which only a person who envies your happiness can say.

5. Happiness and contentment can’t be separated.

You can’t be happy if you’re not able to content yourself within the current moment. You can’t be genuinely happy if you don’t pursue your passions, the goals you want to achieve, and the hobbies that bring you joy.

Therefore, next time, someone tells you to make contentment your goal, not happiness, tell them you want to achieve both.

6. Happiness requires you to be willing to set clear boundaries.

When you talk to a person who tries to put you down and ruin your happiness, always be prepared to endure their unfounded, harsh criticism. Always be ready to endure their judgments and snide remarks.

Yet, make sure you never respond to their harsh words in an immature, rude manner because this way, you’ll join their unhappiness. Instead, try to disengage from the conversation in a calm, civilized manner.