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6 Essentials For A Vacation In The Sun


When you spend most of your time slogging away at the office and readjusting your professional hat, it’s always a welcome relief when vacation season rolls around. It’s finally time to put on your ‘out of office’, wind down and head towards the sun. New bathing suits, swimming goggles and day trips will probably be first on the agenda when it comes to vacation prep but they shouldn’t be the only thing on your mind. The sun can have devastating effects so you’ll need to consider what you’ll need to keep you safe. Although your vacation should be super fun and treating yourself to a luxurious pamper in preparation is important, keep reading to find out what other important items to add to your to do list.


Sunscreen is probably the most obvious item when it comes to sun protection. Everybody knows that it’s an essential item to pack and will happily slap it on before heading out into the sun. The question is are you buying the right one? It’s recommended that you always use sunscreen with SPF30 or above to ensure that you’re blocking that harmful UV. Also make sure it’s waterproof if you’re by the coast and that you’re applying it regularly.

Head Protection

Head protection doesn’t have to come in the form of a frumpy full brimmed hat. There are many options such as straw hats, head scarves and large headbands that will protect your head from the sun and keep you safe. Wearing a brimmed hat will not only prevent your skin and eyes becoming damaged by the sun’s devastating UV rays but it will reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and fatigue.


Luckily picking out a new pair of sunnies is super fun. There’s a huge range of fashionable styles to choose from and you can pick up safe sunglasses at an affordable price. Having ultraviolet protection is essential and something you’ll need to check before you purchase. You also have the option to choose polarised lenses which will prevent glare, the ideal option if you do a lot of driving.


Timing is key when it comes to spending time in the sun. You’re going to want to cram as much as you can into your time away from boring day to day life so planning your activities around the hottest part of the day will prevent you from overheating. The sun will be highest in the sky at 12 noon and the heat will continue to rise until approximately 3pm so if you’re up early and making the most of the morning you can head back and recoup in the shade between 12 and 3pm before heading back out to continue the action.


When the heat starts to rise and the sun’s intense rays become unbearable taking a break in the shade is highly recommended. Whether it’s under a tree or a comfier spot in a cafe or bar taking time to rest in the shade is a great way to prevent you from feeling the wrath of the almighty sun.


Taking the time to educate yourself about the warning signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and sun strike may be the difference between life and death. When you’re familiar with the tell tale signs you’re able to prevent the sun from taking hold and making you seriously ill. Headache, nausea and fainting are all signs that you’ve had enough of the glorious sunshine and you need to hydrate, rest and seek medical advice.


When you consider all these essential points when planning your vacation in the sun there’s no reason why you can head out there and enjoy every minute with total peace of mind; leaving you to focus on having fun!