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6 Habits That Sabotage Your Mental Health


Undoubtedly, modern technology has improved and made our lives so easy to the extent that we can’t imagine living without it. Yet, what we fail to realize is that modern technology accompanied by our habits and lifestyle are the greatest enemies to our mental health.

That’s the paradox of the modern society. Whatever we need and want, we can get it at the push of a button, without putting in a lot of effort or time compared to our ancestors. Thanks to the internet, we gain all kinds of information and broaden our knowledge of the world.

And, of course, I have to mention the latest addiction of the modern man – the social media. Whether it’s for sharing experiences or getting in contact with other people, they have become an inseparable part of our lives.

We can perform our daily responsibilities more effectively and efficiently, but we still have less free time and more worries which cause our mental and physical health to suffer. Worrying whether we will finish all our responsibilities on time, chasing our career goals, and  dealing with stressful situations every day have caused us to develop bad habits and forget about taking care of our health.

So, if you want to maintain your mental well – being, make sure you give up the following 6 bad habits.

1. Suppressing anger.

Living in this modern time when we’re daily faced with many responsibilities and challenges, it’s become normal feeling frustrated and angry. Yet, this can turn into a serious problem and put your mental health at risk if you bottle up anger and hold grudges against others. Suppressing anger and other negative emotions for longer periods can stress you out and even make you feel depressed.

So, to save yourself from these problems, try to express your anger, but make sure you do that in appropriate ways, without creating drama or violence. Try to stay calm and act reasonably and you’ll see how better this will make you feel.

2. You don’t do enough physical exercises.

Of course, the fact that you have everything at your fingertips means you shouldn’t move around a lot to get what you want. Or you can simply get in your car and drive to work or to the grocery. Doing exercise doesn’t only help you keep your body in shape, but it also positively affects the work of your brain and your mood.

Moreover, one study has shown that regular exercise can improve the symptoms in people who suffer from depression and anxiety. So, why don’t you try spending 10 to 15 minutes a day doing exercises? Even a quick walk can improve your mood.

3. You use the social media and technology in general too much.

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or you’re just playing games online, you spend so much time on them that I won’t be wrong if I say you’ve become their slave. We shouldn’t be surprised when we hear that people who spend a lot of time on social media are more likely to develop anxiety and even depression.

The thing is the more time you spend using them, the less time you have to meet and talk to people face – to – face. It’s no wonder that more and more people are feeling lonely and distance themselves from others because they replace the real with the virtual world.

4. You don’t get enough sleep.

You can’t function properly unless you get enough quality sleep. There’re many factors which can rob you of a good night’s sleep, such as stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, too much caffeine, modern technology, and the list is endless. Sleep deprivation makes you feel exhausted, irritable and drained during the whole day.

You can enhance your sleep by limiting the above – mentioned factors. For example, limit the intake of caffeine and try not to stay online until late at night.

5.You don’t spend enough time outdoors.

I know you’ll say that the fast-paced life we lead doesn’t allow us to spend enough time outoors. But, you should know that a lack of exposure to sunlight decreases the amount of vitamin D in your body.

Having this vitamin in enough quantities is important because it supports the health of your immune system, brain, and heart, and it regulates your mood too.

So, even on your busiest days, make sure you go out, even a walk to the nearest park can do you a lot of good.

6. You buy a lot of things you don’t need.

This does not refer only to women, guys do it as well. Whether out of pleasure or to make yourself feel better, you have this bad habit of buying stuff more than you need. But, the truth is, material things can never make you feel genuinely happy and satisfied with yourself. They can only make your life easier or make you feel joy for a very limited amount of time.

Additionally, if you can’t control your need to buy more things than you need or you can’t buy everything you want, this can make you feel stressed and even anxious.

So, why don’t you replace this habit with that of gaining as many experiences as you possibly can? Because, at the end of the day, it’s the people you meet, the places you go, and the things you do that make you happy and fulfilled.

Image: Walt3r