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6 Health Benefits Of Walking In The Rain

walking in rain

You might think that walking in the rain sounds like a crazy idea, but the health benefits of taking a stroll on a rainy day that we’ve presented below will change the way you perceive a walk in the rain.

Is walking in the rain good for you?

Many people find the sound of rain soothing and romantic and others find its distinctive smell pleasant. And if you’re anything like me, then you like the sense of peace and calm you feel when sitting by the window and watching the rain beat against it. And all of this is for a good reason: Walking in the rain can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

Here are 6 health benefits of walking in the rain

1. The air is fresher and cleaner after it rains.

Atmospheric chemists at MIT have found that the air is cleaner during and after it rains. The reason for this is that as a raindrop falls through the atmosphere, it can absorb tens to hundreds of aerosol particles before they hit the ground. In this way, pollutants, such as sulfates, soot, and organic particles are cleared from the air.

2. The smell of rain has a soothing effect.

Many people like the distinct smell of rain. The pleasant scent soothes your mind and body. It even has a name – Petrichor. The term petrichor was coined in the 1960s by two Australian scientists.  

The smell derives from soil-dwelling bacteria, an oil released from certain plants during dry periods, and ozone when there’s lightning.

3. Taking a walk in the rain helps you exercise longer and faster.

When you exercise, your body temperature rises, which may reduce your speed. So, in order to decrease your temperature, your body shifts the flow of blood from your working muscles to your skin, thereby decreasing your performance.

Rainwater can keep you from overheating when you do physical exercises, which will enable you to exercise longer and faster.

4. Doing physical exercises in wet weather burns more fat and calories than exercising in warm weather.

Japanese scientists have carried out research on the effects of rain on energy metabolism while running in cold weather.

The research has shown that “energy demand increases when running in cold conditions.” This means that when you do physical activity in a cold, wet environment, you burn more fat and calories than when you do the same activity in a warm environment.

5. Taking a walk in the rain benefits your skin and hair.

High levels of humidity in the air keep your hair and skin moisturized. Being alkaline in nature, rainwater helps maintain your skin’s pH levels and makes your hair softer.

6. Taking a stroll on a rainy day helps you relax since streets are less crowded.

You don’t see a lot of people in the streets when it begins to rain, right? That’s the reason why rainy days are the best if you long for peace and quiet during your walks.

When you walk in the rain, you’re able to concentrate on your thoughts and relieve your stress much easier and faster than when there are plenty of people out taking a walk.