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6 Herbs to Stock Up for the Winter


Winters can be harsh on your body, and you or your loved ones may suffer from certain illnesses during this time that you won’t typically suffer from in other seasons.

Instead of running to the doctor every time you suffer from a cold, or joint pain, consider turning to herbs as a natural remedy for health issues. Here are six herbs to stock up for the winter months:

1) Herbs that act as remedies for sore throats, sinuses, etc. 

The low temperatures and chilly winds during the winter months make us vulnerable to colds, throat infections, sinus infections, and headaches. While there are many over-the-counter pills for such illnesses, you can opt for using herbs instead.

a) Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is a herb derived from a plant that is native to North America. The inner bark of this plant is effective in curing sore throats.

You should store bulk slippery elm bark powder to fight cold and flu symptoms as it has many therapeutic properties. This herb can be taken either orally or topically and is beneficial for health problems like the flu, sore throats, mouth ulcers, and diarrhea. 

b) Sage

Another herb that is useful to fight flu symptoms, especially during winters, is sage. If you or your loved one are suffering from a cold, then a cup of sage-infused herbal tea can make a positive difference.

With its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, sage can help fight against bouts of cold. Sage also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce sinus infections and promote good health.

2) Herbs that act as immunity boosters

A lack of vitamin D due to low exposure to sunlight during winters may suppress your immunity system. This might happen in winters if you live in areas where you may not be able to take a quick walk in sunlight.

In such circumstances, immunity boosters may help. While herbs will definitely help, you should also consider these tips to boost your immune system. Here are a few herbs that can act as immunity boosters:

a) Turmeric

A weak immune system makes it easier for people to catch infections and viruses during winters. Turmeric has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that are effective in boosting your immunity.

If you have children or elders at home who are likely to fall ill, consider these turmeric remedies to boost their immunity. Turmeric can also help combat respiratory problems. Therefore, you should stock up on turmeric during winter to help your family fight health issues naturally.

b) Astragalus Root

This herb is valuable in regulating the body’s immune system and protecting it from infections. Astragalus root has been used traditionally in Chinese medicine and has been adopted worldwide for various health care purposes.

With the anti-inflammatory properties of this herb, you can enhance the protective effects of your immune system and fight against bacteria and viruses. Astragalus root also has other health benefits, such as improving blood flow and treating ulcers.

3) Herbs for stiff muscles and joints

The cold weather can lead to a tightening or stiffness in your muscles and joints. It is normal to experience pain in these regions all year round, but the pain may worsen during winters.

While pain relief creams may bring relief, herbal remedies are better in the long run. Here are a few herbs that help:

a) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant with many benefits that include providing relief to joint and muscle pain. The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera will bring you comfort during the cold season. This herb is also commonly used to treat arthritis during winters

b) Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus essential oil is derived from the leaves of the Eucalyptus tree that has several medicinal properties. You can apply this oil to heal stiffness or tightness in your muscles and joints.