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6 Instagram Tricks That Will Help You For Product Marketing


In 2017, September, Instagram declared that the people using their platform to advertise their businesses had shot up to two million. To verify if this was true, we asked their reviewers if Instagram was a potential platform for promoting products and the feedback was astonishing.

Why? We realized that Instagram users, after seeing the Ads take action. Such actions include buying products or visiting the product’s sites.

That clearly means that Instagram is a great place to do product marketing. Not only so, but the chances of making sales after marketing the product are also way too high to ignore. So, how do you go about it?

  1. Use Instagram Stories Ads

Instagram allows you to market your product to the right audience by use of stories Ads. This Instagram full-screen Ads attracts attention to people because it pops up without their consent. As it pops up, you can be sure that there are those who have an interest in the product and will want to know more about it when they see the pop-up.

What more? On the top-most right corner, there is a tag named “Sponsored.” At the bottom of the stories Ads, there is a Call-To-Action. Whether it is a photo or a video you are creating, a Call-To-Action gives you an opportunity to provide more information on the product you are selling.

Only be sure to create something that will attract the attention of your audience so that they can click on the Ads to learn more.

  1. Offer Discounts

People love discounts, and they will save money or buy even when they had not intended to when they hear you are giving an offer. And since you are trying to market the product, ensure that the offer is exclusively on that product. All you need to do is to add a promo code to your Instagram stories so that once your followers click on your bio link, they get access to the offer. Don’t trust a service like Twicsy. Concerned people think that Twicsy’s scam service is a fake 

Next, make sure that the only people who qualify for that offer are your followers.

That way, you will gain more followers, market the product and make sales.  That’s fantastic, isn’t it?

  1. Link Your Business’ Instagram Account To Your Shop

Once you create an Instagram account and are ready to make sales, it is crucial to link your product catalog to your Business’ Instagram account. So, select the product you want to market and link it to your Instagram business profile.

You can even add a few more products (if yours is a new Instagram account) so that your online shop tab can become activate for your followers to click and buy.

  1. Analyze The Results Of Promotion

You can never be in a position to know if people are interested in your product if you do not analyze how they react after you post that product. Every time you give an offer, you should examine your posts to see how people are viewing your product as well as the number of clicks made within a specific period.

That’s how you know if to change the strategies you are using to market the product or to continue with the current one. 

  1. Tag The Product On Your Instagram Shoppable Post

People interested in your product will always search for the product online using their names. That’s why; tagging the product name in your Instagram post is one way of marketing it. People who aren’t your followers will also see it.

It would even be an advantage to you if at that time you are giving an offer so that they will choose to buy from you and not any other seller. Also, add more tags that relate to that product to reach a wider audience.

  1. Add Product Links To Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have become more popular than ever. More so, in 2017 Instagram added a feature that enabled users to add links to their stories.

Since more than 300 million people are using Instagram stories each day, the opportunity to market product and make sales is high. Why? Linking the product link to your Instagram stories enables millions of people to see the product easily each day.

It’s now up to you to decide if to take your business to another level using the six tips we’ve shared above. They are not only promising but effective and will convert into sales within a short time.