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The 6 Main Types Of Empaths – Find Which One You Are And How You Can Make The Most Of Your Gift

types of empaths

Empathy is the ability to step into one’s shoes, walk a mile, and truly understand how they feel, why they are feeling like that, and where those emotions come from.

6 main types of empaths, and learning which type of empath you are can help you make the most of your gift:

1. Physical/Medical Empath

This type of empathy tends to replicate the physical feelings of one’s body for the empath to experience. These empaths can sense physical pain, feel the symptoms, and truly understand what ails the other person.

Most empaths that possess this ability choose to become healers in the alternative practices or take up conventional medical practice as a profession.

The main challenge with this gift is telling the difference between one’s own physical symptoms and those of the other person, as well as protecting oneself so as not to start suffering from the same symptoms.

2. Emotional Empath

The most common empaths are those who can sense the emotions of the people around them. These people can live out the whole emotional storm another person is experiencing as if it were their own, and they intuitively understand where these emotions come from.

The main challenge with this kind of empathy is learning to make a difference between your own emotions and those of other people, and many emotional empaths are greatly affected by this challenge.

3. Claircognizant/Intuitive Empath

These empaths have the ability to pick up on people’s thoughts and information which cannot be plainly seen. They can sense what somebody is thinking and whether they are telling lies or are being honest. For these empaths, it feels almost like they are reading the thoughts of other people, as they do pick up information.

The main challenge these empaths experience is the influence the thoughts of other people can have over them. As picking up on this information means interacting with the things that define one’s outward energy, empaths may feel influenced by the information influx greatly.

4. Animal Empath

There are empaths who can establish a very strong connection with animals. Through this connection, these empaths can learn more about what the animal thinks, feels, and needs. Most of these empaths devote their lives to taking care of animals.

This kind of empathy is a rewarding experience for the empaths, although the world we live in doesn’t offer a lot of relief for the animals. The empaths feel this burden the animals are bearing, and they cannot stand idly. However, sensing the burden is something much heavier than dealing with human emotions.

5. Plant Empath

Plant empaths communicate with the natural world on a level that many aren’t able to comprehend. They are born green-thumbs, always knowing what the plants need exactly and always in need to be around them.

These empaths can sense when a plant is dying or struggling, and they can communicate with nature in a way that cannot be explained in simple words. Their greatest pain is the destruction of the natural world, and they can sense the beauty and the pain of Nature.

6. Geomantic Empath

This kind of empathy, also known as place or environmental empathy, comes with the individual’s ability to sense the energy of the environment and this energy flow affects their mood and reactions.

They may be drawn to certain places which vibrate with positive energy and may feel completely disgusted at places with chaotic and negative energy. They can sense how the energy flows and can even give you recommendations on how to readjust your living space for a better energy flow.

The main challenge for these empaths is when they are forced to be in a place with an irregular energy flow for a longer time without being able to do anything about changing that energy flow.


There are empaths who possess a strong combination of some or all of the gifts above. Empathy means sensitivity to energy, and everything has energy in it –from the most material to the most spiritual aspects of this world.

Developing each of these gifts is possible if you decide to pay closer attention to the energy of the things you want to know better.

So, what kind of empath are you? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to share!