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6 Reasons Why It’s Hard For Intelligent People To Be Happy


You have a great partner, a loving family, and an amazing career. Yet, there’s always something that makes you feel discouraged, sad, and lonely. Are you wondering why this is so? Well, maybe this will sound strange to you, but the reason for this is that you’re a highly capable and intelligent person.

Most intelligent people are struggling to experience happiness. While their lives may look perfect on the outside, how they feel on the inside is a completely different thing. There’s always something that’s bothering them.

There are 6 reasons why people with high IQ levels fail to be happy.

Here they are:

1. They have high standards.

Intelligent people know what they want to achieve and where they want to be in their life and they won’t settle for anything less than that. This means that it’s hard for them to be satisfied with their successes, relationships, and everything they’ve achieved in their life.

That’s why they work hard and relentlessly towards their goals and don’t let anything prevent them from achieving personal and professional success.

Even when they’ve achieved something they worked for, they start establishing new goals to pursue. The list of their goals is never-ending.

2. They constantly over – analyze everything.

Many intelligent people tend to be overthinkers. They over- analyze their thoughts, opinions, decisions, and actions. They overthink everything that’s happening around them too. Overthinking often wears and stresses them out and makes them feel anxious, especially when the results of what they do don’t match their expectations.

3. They’re too strict with themselves.

People with high IQ levels give their best to achieve both personal and professional success, yet even when they succeed in this, they feel like they haven’t tried enough, like they could’ve done things better.

They often think about and blame themselves for their past mistakes and failures. This makes them feel frustrated, disappointed, and guilty. When they’re too hard on themselves, they fill themselves with negative energy, and this poisons their happiness.

4. They’re always looking for bigger and better things in life.

Intelligent people are always searching for a bigger purpose in life. They’re rarely satisfied with the present moment and the reality is never enough for them. It’s boring. It’s actually worse than that – they feel like they don’t belong here, but to a different era.

They want to experience something unusual, idealistic, eternal. And because they never get to experience this in the real world, they feel like something is missing in their lives.

5. They’re rarely understood by other people.

Many intelligent people feel misunderstood by others. It’s hard for them to find a like – minded people with whom they can have meaningful and exciting conversations. They rarely find someone with whom they can share their opinions and beliefs about important and fascinating things.

6. Many intelligent people suffer from psychological problems.

Many people with high IQ levels suffer from mental disorders, such as social anxiety and bipolar syndrome. And intelligent people who don’t have any psychiatric disorder are still prone to develop so – called existential depression, which often results from thinking too much.

The reason for this is that intelligent people analyze everything in depth and this often leads them to analyze life and death, which can be a quite draining experience.

What other things, in your opinion, make intelligent people fail to be happy? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Image: Laura Peña Gorostegui