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6 Reasons Why Men Fall In Love, According To Researchers


Love is an inexplicable force that can turn your world upside down. It’s a complicated puzzle that people have tried to figure out since the dawn of time. We don’t know what exactly makes us fall in love with someone enough for us to want to spend our lives with them.

When it comes to men, there’s a general opinion that they don’t fall in love the same way women do. I’m sure you’ve often heard things like: “Women are more emotional and affectionate than men”; Men don’t open up about their emotions and seem reserved.” But, of course, these are just some of the common stereotypes about men when it comes to love and dating.

So, what makes a man truly falls in love with a woman? Is it her physical appearance, character, virtues, or maybe the similarities she has with him? There’s certainly more than one answer to this question.

The relationship coach Bobbi Palmer says: “A man falls in love when he feels like he could be a superhero with you in his life. When he feels accepted, appreciated and understood, and knows he can make you happy…he will be yours. Oh…and throw in that he thinks you’re hot!”

Men have the same emotions women do, but they fall head over heels in love in their own special ways.

Here are 6 reasons that make a man falls in love:

1. He’s charmed by her wholeness.

When a man truly falls in love, he’s enchanted by the whole package: her looks, her voice, her personality, her kindness, and warm, affectionate nature. When a man meets a woman who possesses these qualities, he’s instantly mesmerized by her. He may not know why he loves her, but his mind will have already examined every single thing about her in detail.

When men are in a serious, meaningful relationship, they’re in love with their woman’s entirety, not with individual parts of her.

2. He feels that he can make her happy.

When it comes to love, we all want the same. We want someone with whom we’ll feel connected on a deep emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Someone with whom we’ll feel intense passion. Someone who will fill our hearts with peace and make us happy.

When a man is confident that he can make a woman happy, he’ll keep falling for her more and more with each new day. Knowing that he can contribute to her happiness makes him feel happy and fulfilled.

3. When she’s not afraid to love and be loved.

Men fall for women who are open to the idea of love. Women who are sure about what they want in a partner and who know how they behave as lovers. Women who are not afraid to show how they feel about their man and who are not ashamed to show their vulnerable sides in front of him.

The dating coach James Preece says: “The things that make a man fall in love really boil down to a deep emotional connection. When you feel comfortable with being open and vulnerable with someone, you’re likely falling in love. We can only really feel anything, including love, when the walls are down.”

4. When she makes him feel special.

When a man feels accepted, appreciated, and loved by a woman, it’s not difficult for him to deeply fall in love with her. A man falls for a woman who makes him feel cherished, emotionally fulfilled, and warm on the inside. A woman who brings out the positive sides in him and makes him feel comfortable in his own skin. A woman who fills him with peace, happiness, and joy.

A man falls in love with a woman who makes him feel special and like he’s the most important person in her life.

5. When she has the zest for life.

A woman who is willing to explore new things and say yes to whatever life throws her way can make any man fall in love with her. Whether it’s trying some food he likes or sports he plays, a man loves when a woman is willing to gain new experiences and venture into the unknown.

Men want to be with a woman who will accept them as they are and be eager to find out something more about their interests and what makes them happy. They want a woman who is more than willing to embrace life.

6. When she awakens the same purpose and passion in him.

When a woman awakens in a man the purpose and passion for life that she has, that’s it -he knows that’s the woman of his dreams. They have the same vision of the future and motivate each other to work towards their goals and happiness. They feel like they can take over the world because they have each other.