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6 Red Flags You’re In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship


When you’re in an emotionally abusive relationship, it’s often quite difficult to recognize the signs. And the reason for this is really simple: When you’re deeply in love with someone, your heart plays tricks on you. Your emotions cloud your judgment.

When you love someone dearly, you ignore all the warning signs that there is something wrong with your relationship. You gradually fall into a habit of making excuses for your partner’s bad behavior. Whenever they hurt your feelings, you come up with all kinds of excuses: “They’re tired;” They had a really stressful day;” “They’re just having a bad day,” and etc.

Indeed, when your emotions begin to cloud your reason, you’re likely to find yourself sinking in a sea of manipulations and devious mind games. And if you don’t recognize the red flags and get out of the relationship, you may end up drowning.

To save yourself from falling into the trap of an emotionally abusive person, make sure you watch out for the following 6 red flags which indicate that your partner isn’t in love with you – they’re just obsessed with you:

1. They demand large amounts of your time.

They act like you’re supposed to be around them 24/7. They want you to devote to them large amounts of your time. And the more time you spend with them, the more they become jealous of your friends and even family and the more they try to convince you that they’re the only person who is worthy of your time and attention.

2. They shower you with attention.

To make you fall in love deeply with them, they shower you with attention, sweet words, and compliments. They shower you with big amounts of affection to make you believe that their love for you is honest and pure so that it’s easier for them to control your actions.

3. They’re jealous of and impatient with your loved ones.

They don’t like when you spend time with your friends, family, or coworkers. They have even no problem criticizing you for hanging out with your best friends after work or attending family celebrations. It’s like they “compete” for your attention.

Oftentimes, they even try to poison your mind against your loved ones and convince you that they don’t deserve your attention. And if you’re not aware of this, they’ll eventually succeed in distancing you from your loved ones completely.

4. They follow you when you are not together.

Even when they know where you are and who you’re with, they call you, “just to check in.” It’s not that they don’t trust you- they just want to be informed about your whereabouts all the time.

5. They neglect other parts of their own life for you.

Whether it’s their family, their friends, or their career, they ignore everyone and everything in their life for you. Their list of priorities consists of only one thing – you. But, this is not because they’re genuinely and deeply in love with you, but because they’re obsessed with you.

6. They have no respect for your personal space.

When you’re in a relationship with an emotionally abusive person, normal things, such as hanging out with your friends and family or going out for dinner with your colleagues after work, well, turn into a big problem. Because an emotionally abusive person does everything in their power to show your loved ones and everyone around you that you are taken.