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6 Reefer Remedies To Get Over A Cannabis Overdose


For a long time, people have been debating over the reality of a marijuana overdose. Every second person who consumes cannabis asks this question frequently. 

So, is there a thing like cannabis overdose? 

Well, sure shot, CBD is a body-friendly component of marijuana plants, so overdosing with it is almost impossible. However, THC doesn’t share the same reputation. It contains psychoactive elements that get you ‘high’ after consumption. 

With so many new cannabis products in the markets, people are leaning towards using marijuana for managing their medical condition without any side-effects. But, with the advancements in technology cannabis concentrates are hitting the market like a bong. These potent products can take your body by storm even if you are a regular user. To avoid this you should grow your own plants with cannabis seeds so that you can get the specific strains to fit your needs.

If you are still new to the concept of microdosing, chances are you will probably overdose on your cannabis products. Yes, studies prove that you won’t possibly kill yourself by overdosing but it can get quite troublesome for the light-hearted.  This is entirely genuine that marijuana edibles are a hot trend among novice users. And this is also true that edibles contain a high amount of THC. So, obviously more amount of THC in the human body can lead to problems. It is as simple that the more you consume cannabis, the more it’ll impact you. 

Besides, as per the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center, when a user starts puffing, they feel the effect of cannabis on their body. In contrast, they remain unconscious of the consequences while consuming edibles. Unfortunately, smoking has an immediate impact on the nervous system, but edibles react slowly and with more potency. For instance, it’s not surprising that cupcakes and brownies attract everyone. Mistakenly, beginners start with these edibles and end up overdosing themselves. As a result, too much consumption of marijuana can cause fear and anxiety, lack of mobility, burning eyes, upset stomach, lack of focus, etc. 

According to The British Journal of Psychiatry, overdosing is not related to cannabis. They claim that a person cannot die with cannabis overdose in even the most severe conditions. Here are a few things that you can do to manage a cannabis overdose. 

Don’t Panic And Relax

It’s essential to realize that you’ve taken something which has a lot of benefits. Fear will only make the situation worse. So, stay relax and calm when you feel the head high. Approach something that truly calms you down. Meditation is the primary key to tackle such overuse panics. As per a report, numerous patients employ the mantra meditation technique to combat restlessness caused due to too much weed. Silently repeating some mantras help you to replace all the evil thoughts running in your mind. And keep in mind that the overuse of cannabis can put you in discomfort, not in danger.

Find a Silent Place

After the overuse of cannabis, energy races into the bloodstreams that makes you feel everything more. For example, if you’re feeling happy, cannabis overconsumption multiplies that emotion. Leaving the places with brighter lights and loud music is essential when you’re high on cannabis. Because crowd and loudness can stimulate the effects of overuse in your body. Some users also become alert of their self-image when overdosed. So, to cope up with all these problems, finding a quiet and amicable place is the remedy for you. Believe it; you cannot do anything better than this for yourself. Sitting in a dark, quiet room or playing a soothing tune helps you in this hour of the need. 

Water Yourself

Sometimes, too much pot leads to the insufficiency of water. We mean, you’re somewhere at the risk of dehydration after overconsumption. So, to avoid the situation, water yourself as much as possible. If you don’t feel like drinking, stick to water-oriented fruits like oranges, watermelon, grapes, etc. Water helps in curing the imbalance caused due to the overuse of marijuana. In short, take deep breaths and keep yourself hydrated all the time. 

Look Out For Your CBD Solution

Among the 100 components of marijuana, THC, and CBD are the prominent ones. The emotions you experience after cannabis overuse are the outcomes of THC’s psychoactive effects. Fortunately, THC’s counterpart CBD has soothing properties. So, yes, it can help you in getting over the use up. Just look out for some CBD tinctures using your online medical card and relax. 

Balance Your Blood Sugar

Those who are using medical marijuana for treating diabetes when overuse it faces an imbalance in their blood sugar. Generally, diabetic patients are prone to variations in blood sugar and over smoking stimulate this change. So, for them, honey is the remedy to balance down blood sugar levels. Just take a glass of water, add one tablespoon of honey in it and drink. In the next few minutes, you’ll start attracting the regular vibes for yourself.

If Nothing Works – Just Sleep

Good sleep is the remedy to almost all health conditions. The same goes for marijuana overuse. Doubtlessly, a nap is the ultimate way of resting. So, instead of looking for numerous things to get over too much cannabis, just curl yourself in a cozy blanket and sleep. Studies have confirmed that for digesting marijuana edibles, the human system needs a more extended time. Sleeping helps your body to process those edibles quickly. So, don’t think much and take a nap when ‘high’ hits you. 


To sum up, when it comes to consuming cannabis, your approach matters the most. If you overeat cannabis-infused edibles, you may experience the problems mentioned earlier. So it’s best to see a licensed doctor and get your medical marijuana card online before preventing all the conditions of overconsumption, it’s appropriate to inform yourself about the proper dosages. And the excellent step will be avoiding too much marijuana in one go.