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6 Sensory Toys To Help Your Autistic Child 


Regardless of age, a developmental disability like Autism is always bad news. 

If you have heard of this condition, you’d know it is commonly associated with sensory issues. One such issue can be oversensitivity to sound, touch, or both. 

Your child may have Autism, and we’re sorry. Is there a silver lining? Yes! An effective therapy like ABA and cool sensory toys can help to better your child’s condition. 

This article is about how sensory toys can help your child and which ones you should consider buying. 

Before we get to the toys list, there is something you need to know. 

Sensory Toys: How Can They Be Helpful?

Here’s the thing; sensory toys do what they’re named for – they tingle the senses. 

Their design helps stimulate five senses in children: sound, smell, taste, sight, and touch. 

They usually come with various elements like sounds, contrasting textures, or different colors. To ensure the safety of your child, make sure that they are accompanied by an adult during their playtime. You can check out Toynk for a huge selection of toys for kids of all gender and ages.

Now that you know what these toys bring to the table let’s see some toys you can consider today!

Best Sensory Toys For Autistic Kids

Sensory Mats

Sensory mats can make up a great toy for autistic children. 

Each time your child picks up a mat, you can ask them how it feels or what its color is. This will let your kid speak up and explain what they think. Over time, this might as well improve the way they express things. 

But wait, there’s more to the table!

These mats come with different textures that begin as one and end as another. Some of these may include stepping on sandpaper and then moving to a piece of fabric.

Chewing Toys

Chewing toys can help calm Autistic children and eliminate certain behaviors they exhibit. These include biting, especially when they are anxious. 

These toys are made of silicone material, which is non-toxic. 

These toys will also help your kid to develop chewing and biting skills along with sensory stimulation. 

What’s important here is that your kid needs to open their mouth, and these toys can help them do just that. 

Pin Art

Pin artboards are helpful for children with sensory defensiveness, hyperactivity disorder, or Autism. 

These pins are smooth and soft, which allows the child to touch or lean on them without getting hurt. 

The pins also make great homemade toys for toddlers. Children can use their fingers and hands to imprint the pins and create pictures.

Rainmaker Toys

A rainmaker is a sensory toy that uses water beads to imitate the sound of rain falling and cascading down. 

This toy can help enhance your kid’s listening and understanding skills. You can ask your kid about the sounds when they play with this toy. Let them explain themselves. 

Trust us; you can use this toy is meant to incite conversations!

Vibrating Cushion

Thanks to its mellow sound and smoothing motion, this toy helps children feel at ease. 

Moreover, a study revealed that a vibrating cushion can help in improving the verbal intentions of children. 

It also enhances the responses in children, which helps in promoting social interaction.

Sand, Putty, or Slime

Sensory toys provide a variety of sensory experiences to your child. Some of these toys offer visual stimulation by the colors. Children can also experience touch with the sand, slime, or putty toys. 

These also allow for an auditory experience as some might make sounds when played with or have a musical component. 

Body Sox

It is an interactive toy. It allows children to put themselves in a breathable, see-through, and colorful lycra sock. 

With Autistic children, it helps in relieving anxiety and initiating relaxation.

Final Word

Autistic children need help to express themselves and socialize. The toys mentioned above do just that and more. 

However, you can also consider purchasing headphones for autistic children. Such headphones can enhance the listening and comprehending skills of your champ.

What’s your preferred pick from the above list? Let us know in the comments!