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6 Signs That Show You Are In The Right Relationship


Nowadays it seems to be very hard to find a person to whom you can confidently refer to as “The One”. The one true love. The one destined soul. Having in consideration that the break-up and divorce rates are getting higher by the day, we are even more secluded and careful with our feelings.

Because we’ve all loved deeply, and lost terribly. Our heart was broken and our soul ached. Having the courage to open up for a something new, a relationship with another person is one of the most challenging matters of love.

Still, you somehow manage to make the step, but you feel like you can’t be your true self for quite some time. You are afraid. Afraid that the sky will come crashing down on you just like the last time. So, despite all the perfect pointers that your relationship is actually moving in a positive direction, you can’t help it but behave with a great caution.

Most often we tend to experience this kind of delusion. But all it takes is that right person who will show up and will give you the proper wake-up call – that LOVE actually exists. Love is not found, but rather, love is what we make it.

So, ladies and gents, if you are feeling kind of “dazed and confused” whether you are in the right relationship, here are some signs that will help you acknowledge the truth:

1.You feel PEACEFUL

In other words, you feel serene and calm around your partner. There is no pressure, nor doubt. You are free to be your true, sincere self without having any inhibition at all.

Because true, profound love exists. It’s the kind of love from which you build a real, intimate and mature relationship that will last a lifetime.

No pressure, no drama, no lies. Only the truth.

2.You learned that YOU and yourself only are responsible for your HAPPINESS

Most people tend to give up on love, whenever that “rocky” road comes along. They reach a stage in the relationship when the other person doesn’t seem to make them happy. But this is where people do the crucial mistake.

You can’t expect a person to make you happy for the rest of your life. You can’t rely on a person to make your world brighter. You are responsible for your life yourself.

I’m sorry but, the brutal reality is that nobody can make you happy – not forever, anyway. Happiness is a state of mind that a person should strive to achieve it on their own, in order to be able to start a healthy relationship.

3.You have MUTUAL RESPECT for one another

The perfect relationship is based on maintaining a mutual respect and understanding of one another. Acceptance of every little flaw as well as every great quality.

It means not trying to desperately change a person just, so they can fit your world, but rather embracing their unique individuality and cherish it for years to come. When you feel this with a person, know that you’ve found the real thing.

4.You both want the SAME THINGS in life

One of the most important ways to comprehend if the both of you move in the same direction in life is whether or not you want the same things in the great picture.

Do you see each other together when you think about the future? Have you already discussed the direction of your relationship?

If the both of you are more than willing to make certain compromises just for the sake of the relationship than you are on the real track with the right person.

5.You both do everything in your power to always MAKE IT WORK

No relationship is blue skies and rainbows. Everybody out there experiences their own kinds of problems, so making it through them safe and sound in a relationship, requires a deep mutual desire to do so.

There will be a lot of work and sacrifices, but that’s what relationships are after all. In order for a bond to prosper and become a loving relationship, we have to try hard to make it work!

6.You feel like your bond is a special kind of a SPIRITUAL CONNECTION

There is an inexplicable energy between you two that feels like out of this world. Something that pulled you together when you least expected, but the moment you met them you felt this divine feeling that you knew this person from a long ago. You felt like you’ve loved them, way back in some previous life. And maybe you did.

Would you agree? Did these signs make it any clearer to you?

If so, tell us in the comment section and don’t forget to tag your loved one.