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6 Simple Ways Every Career Woman Can do to Avoid Procrastination


Your tasks are all piled up and you are just so determined to get everything done by the end of the day. But when procrastination hits, you can’t help but set everything all aside. Today’s tasks become tomorrow’s. And this whole frustrating cycle goes on and it won’t end unless you do something about it.

It isn’t bad to take a short break from all your work stuff. You need it too! But if your break becomes as long as the rest of your day, you’re in trouble. There’s no denying that, us, women are often occupied both by paperwork and the daily tasks, especially those career moms who need to have both hands working in the office and at home. So, if you just skip one task, you would get another pile of unfinished business.

Fret not! You can put a halt to it. Indeed, little things do matter and these simple ways can control your tendency to procrastinate. You probably have done some of these steps but, like what they say, just go on and keep trying.

  1. Find a good ambiance.

Just imagine a noisy and mucky workplace. Do you think you could focus on what you’re working on? A good atmosphere always ignites a relaxing mood and energy. And when you’ve got the energy you need, you would be more productive and determined to accomplish all the things you have to do. Working out on a project definitely becomes much easier with a nicer and cozier working environment.

Try to get a spot in a coffee shop or a neat and calm space at home. If you’re working in an office, tidy up your workplace and remove all the stuff that might distract you.

  1. Make your own to-do list.

                It has always been proven effective when you list out everything you need to do in a day. A to-do list allows you to evaluate which task needs to be done first. It tells you what your priorities should be. So, if you’ve got several projects needed to be done within a deadline, you can start off by listing them down. A notebook or a planner will do. Jot down the projects or paperwork you have to work on. List the deadlines to know which requires an immediate action.

  1. Difficult tasks come first.

                That’s right. Be tough and go on with the difficult tasks! Though not everyone prefers to go by which project is harder, rather by the deadline, some still find it quite effective. When you accomplish a difficult task, it seems like letting go of a heavy burden in your chest. Because you know you were able to finish it, you would be even more motivated to proceed with the easier projects. You’d be more productive and less procrastinating! Hooray!

  1. Stop multitasking.

                Just when you think you accomplish a lot of work by doing everything at the same time, you don’t. You are actually doing less than what you think you did. And because you are not focused on one particular project, you are less efficient thus unlikely to finish it in time. Much worse is your tasks are doubled and it will tire you out eventually. Once you are stressed and tired, you’d procrastinate. So, do one task at a time.

  1. Try listening to music.

                Not everyone has the habit of listening to music, but if you try, you may find it beneficial. Music is one of the greatest gifts human could ever have. Listening to the right choice of music can soothe your mood, improve your creativity, boost your energy and reduce your stress. Truly, music has a lot of benefits. If you haven’t tried it, why don’t you give it a shot? Just remember that not all kinds of music can enhance your performance at work. You should still be careful what types of songs can help you accomplish your tasks.

  1. Take a break.

One of the simplest ways to overcome procrastination is to take the root out – stress. So, don’t be afraid to give yourself a break. Relieve your stress. Take a nap or pamper yourself in a salon. We, career women, are often too busy with the everyday activities at work and at home. If you let the stress tire you out, you won’t have much motivation to go on. Give yourself some rest. Just don’t go too long before your deadline ends!

Fight Off Procrastination!

                Procrastination is one of our weakest points and sometimes, seems impossible to fight off. However, even the littlest ways could be the most effective. Why don’t you try these simple tips? And if you overcome procrastination, your accomplishments would be more than just a reward. It’ll be part of your success story!

Erin Taylor is the founder of YouthTune.Com, a music adventurer. She loves learning about music and audio devices, and she’s probably been to the music festival you were at last summer.