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6 Superpowers People Who Suffer From Anxiety Hide From Others


We all feel anxious, i.e. worried and nervous from time to time, like when we have problems, be that at home or at work, or when we have to make an important decision. However, to people who suffer from anxiety disorders, anxiety is much more than just a temporary feeling of worry or fear.

Anxiety is overwhelming, debilitating, and damaging. It makes the person suffering from it constantly deal with  unreasonable thoughts and panic attacks, and it prevents them from leading a normal life and being productive.

Undoubtedly, living with anxiety has many disadvantages, yet there’s one positive side. Anxiety is always accompanied by a heightened sense of perception.

People struggling with anxiety have more developed perceptive skills than those who don’t suffer from this disorder. Oh, and yes, they possess certain superpowers that they successfully hide from others.

Here they are:

1. They can feel the energy of others.

People who suffer from anxiety can easily tell whether a person has a positive or negative energy. Negative people fill them with stress and make them feel uncomfortable while being in the company of positive people is always easy and relaxing to them.

2. They’re highly empathetic.

Not only do people struggling with anxiety have a good understanding of their own emotions, but they also understand very well the feelings and energy of those around them. This helps them create a better connection with others.  

An anxious person can easily sense when you’re going through a tough period and struggling with problems and they’ll try their best to help you out.

3. They have high IQ.

This is no wonder considering the amount of time they spend analyzing situations. They never make a plan or decision, no matter how big or small, without envisioning every possible outcome of it.

This means that their brain processes huge amounts of information all the time and this is something that can’t be done without higher IQ.

4. They easily spot lies.

People with anxiety are extremely cautious. They can easily detect lies. They can tell when a person is honest and has good intentions with them and when they’re trying to lie to them.

So, if someone says something that makes no sense to them or that doesn’t match up, they won’t hesitate at all to point that out.

5. They’re detail-oriented.

Anxious people pay a very special attention to details. They notice and remember details about other people and things that nobody else does. For example, they can tell you what you wore or what joke you shared on the last family gathering or party you attended together.

Paying attention to small details might seem difficult and exhausting, but to them, it’s a second nature.

Additionally, compared to most people, not only are they interested in the effects, but they also try to find and understand the causes. And, of course, this is no wonder, since these people have highly developed perceptive skills.

6. They have a life-saving instinct.

People who suffer from anxiety have an increased awareness of the things going on around them. And another characteristic anxious people have in common is that they spend a great amount of time thinking about all the possible outcomes of their decisions and plans. These two traits enable them to easily detect danger and respond to it.

So, it turns out that anxiety doesn’t always have to be overwhelming and debilitating. It can also serve as a survival mechanism.



6 Superpowers People Who Suffer From Anxiety Hide From Others