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6 Phrases Narcissists And Sociopaths Use To Make You Feel Crazy


Believe it or not, sociopaths are all around us and I believe that we all have bumped into sociopaths at least once. Many people won’t even notice they’re dealing with a sociopath until later.

People who mess with your head might seem innocent, but the truth is they want to manipulate you for their own benefit. On top of that, they’re very good manipulators and they are capable of taking control over almost everyone.

Similarly, narcissists often use manipulation for their own benefit and in order to look good in front of everyone.

Have you come across a sociopath or narcissist before? Once you learn about the tricks they use in order to manipulate you, it will be much easier to recognize them. These are the some of the most common phrases that you would hear from a sociopath and narcissist.

1. “You’re just  ________.”

You can fill in the gap with “In love with me”, “envious”, “crazy”, “bipolar”, whatever. Sociopaths would often call other people names just to make them feel insecure or bad. They always go after your self-esteem in attempt to seize control over you.

They use this to justify their unhealthy thoughts and behavior and to make the others hooked on them. 

2. “It is you that misunderstands me.”

Have you heard about the term “gaslighting”? Well, sociopaths often practice it in order to save themselves from a bad situation. Basically, they would just blame someone else (or even you) whenever they receive a bad reaction to something they’ve made. Their speech always ends in “you don’t understand me” or something similar. What they want is always to be right, even if that means making others seem wrong.

3. “You are so susceptible to everything.”

When a sociopath provokes a reaction from you, they will try to defend their action or they will simply say you are too sensitive, no matter if that’s not true.

They would even go so far to give you advice and say something like: You need to “man up”. For them this is just another way to justify their behavior and find an excuse for their actions. That is how they always make it look as if they’re right and make you always feel bad about yourself.

4. “You are drama queen.”

If a sociopath tells you that you’re being dramatic, you need to try and remove any validity from your emotions and reactions instead of feel bad about their words. Again, that is their way of bringing you down. Accusing you of being the drama queen is one way to make you feel unsecure and crazy. That is how they bring you down.

5. “You’re focusing too much on that.”

Of course, sometimes we dig too deep in things and when we do that we often think about things that are never actually there. Anyone can be vulnerable at some point.

Sociopaths will often try to provoke you and irritate you, all in order to make you question their intentions. This is their way of concealing their motives.  

They do this with one purpose only, and that is to make you feel crazy and insecure.

6.  “You need me in your life.”

When you analyze a sociopath or a narcissist, you see that their intentions surface from underneath and you begin to see that they’re using manipulation all the time. Sociopaths don’t what a friendship or love or any kind of good relationship with you.

What they really want is control – control over you. They want to make you feel crazy, continuously. The good thing is that you can defend yourself, and not let them get in your head. In fact, you do not need them at all so just try to stay at distance.