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6 Things to Know Before Buying CBD for Dogs


CBD mania has taken people by storm for a while and now CBD is available in various forms everywhere. Its exploding popularity is all due to its therapeutic properties that help treat various health conditions, like anxiety, inflammation, diabetes, epilepsy, and there is also CBD for bipolar disease. So, no wonder that you might have also tried it or are thinking of trying some CBD product to enjoy its buzzing positive effects. But do you know your fluffy buddy can also take the benefits of this all-natural, therapeutic product? Yes, you heard it right!

You can give CBD to your dog as well. So, CBD products for dogs are getting the huge attention from the dog owners because who doesn’t want to see their canine friend happy, healthy, and anxiety-free. But it doesn’t mean that you can give any CBD product to your dog just because you want to see them healthy as quickly as possible. With the growing popularity of CBD oil for dogs, many fake sellers are also trying to wade their way to make some bucks. So, it’s better to know a few things before buying CBD for dogs to avoid such fake sellers.

Here is the list of a few things to know before buying CBD for your canine buddy:

1. Check the Certificate of Analysis

The certificate of analysis (COA) is the laboratory test that shows if the product is fit to use or not. It usually focuses on three things:

  • What ingredients does the product contain?
  • Does it contain THC lower than the legal amount?
  • Which hemp plant is used to extract CBD?

If the COA gives a satisfactory answer to these questions, then the product is good to go. But if the website hides the report, it is the red flag and you need to consider another product. Moreover, make sure that this certificate is given by the third party lab.

2. Check the THC Level

While CBD products for humans can contain THC less than 0.3%, but things are different for dogs. Dogs react differently to THC than humans and even a slight amount of THC might make them high. So, read out the label before buying the product. Avoid the product with any trace of THC and buy the one with no detectable THC if you don’t want to see your little soul getting high instead of cured.

3. Extraction Method Matters

The CBD extraction method matters a lot in defining the product’s quality. However, most people don’t know about this fact or bother to consider it. But you shouldn’t do it. If you are buying CBD for your dear pet, go with the best extraction method, i.e., CO2 extraction method. In this method, the hemp plant is cold-pressed to extract CBD and other desirable compounds. This method is safe as it avoids extraction of any undesirable compound or addition of any harmful element in the final product as it happens in the extraction by solvent method. So, go with the products made using the save method so that your pet only gets the benefits not the harmful impacts.

4. Organic Produce

Choosing CBD products made using organic hemp plant is another important factor to consider. The hemp-plant has a deeply-rooted system, so its roots can observe compounds. It means a hemp plant grown using fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, or grown on a soil with heavy metals might yield toxic produce. So, consuming CBD products extracted through inorganic plants might make your dog ill as it will digest those toxic materials and heavy metals along with the CBD. That’s why CBD from organic produce should be your top priority.

5. Avoid Flavors and Additives

It is no brainer that a product with natural ingredients is better than a product having artificial flavors. Sometimes, companies add Xylitol or other compounds to enhance the flavors, but its excess might overpower the natural ingredients’ effect, leaving the product less impactful. So, less the flavors and additives, the better the product will be.

6. Cost of CBD

You might find low cost CBD products very tempting as they don’t blow up your budget. But remember you get what you pay for and every good product has a cost. That’s the reason why high quality CBD products are a bit pricey because they are made using high quality standards. So, if you think a low cost product will save your pocket and also give you good results, you need to think again. Beware of such tricks saying buy the best product at the lowest price. That is too good to be true, guys. 

So, now you know if you want to give your pets CBD products to boost their health, what you should do. Check labels, test reports, and buy only quality products. One time investment is better than making your pup ill by giving low quality products. Hope this blog helps you find the right CBD product for your lil friend so that you can see it happy and glee.