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6 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Woman Who Experienced Domestic Violence


Domestic violence leaves painful scars that last a lifetime and affect every future relationship. A woman who was a victim of domestic violence has a hard time to trust people. She feels weak to forget everything.

She was a victim of manipulation, tortures, lies, physical, psychological abuse…Her life was wrapped around insecurities, fears, nightmares and days filled with nothing more than pain and tears.

This woman went through hell. That’s why she is afraid to live her life and love again.

Here are 6 things you need to know if you want to date a woman who is a victim of domestic violence.

1. She still fears her past.

Her past haunts her everywhere. It might be present in the gift you give to her, your sudden movement or loud voice…even in her dreams. It seems like she can’t escape it.

She was manipulated with sweet surprises and flattering words. She went through yelling and raised voice during disagreements. She maybe went through physical abuse as well.

You don’t know how is to walk in her shoes. Therefore, you need to approach her in a gentler, more understanding way, respecting her boundaries.

2. She is lost, empty, and has low self-confidence.

She still hears the voice of her past in her head: “You are a failure”, “You are worthless”, “You don’t deserve to be loved” … Sometimes, she starts to believe these poisonous words. She doesn’t believe in herself.

Moreover, a woman who was a victim of domestic violence can’t find her path. She seems to be lost looking for the right direction. Show her the right way.

3. Physical contact is hard for her.

A woman who experienced domestic violence has a trauma. In the beginning, she might not be comfortable with you touching her.

Don’t put pressure on her. Don’t make her feel bad about this. Try to understand that she had an awful experience and wants to do things step by step.

Try to gain her trust so she can feel much more relaxed when she is with you.

4. She feels she isn’t worth your love.

Her past damages her present. Because of everything bad she went through, she feels she doesn’t deserve to be loved. That’s the way she lived in the past: this woman was convinced to believe she deserves nothing more than suffering and a broken life.

She was blamed all the time; That’s why she feels guilty for everything. Help her realize that she is worth your love. Show her what real love feels like and heal her wounds. 

5. She needs your patience, trust, support, love.

She needs a man who won’t force her to talk about her past. A woman who experienced domestic violence has built up heavy walls. She needs a man who will be patient and wait for her to open her heart.

She needs a man who will try to understand what she went through. She needs a man who will love her the way she is, trust, support and respect her opinions and decisions.

This woman needs a caring man who won’t see her as a victim and feel sorry for her but will be proud of her being strong.

6. She will be able to love again.

She is brave. She battles to get her life back on the track. She is a survivor. This woman will face her fears. She will putt all the broken pieces of her soul together.

A woman who experienced domestic violence will find her inner strength to feel alive and love again.

She went through hell but will come out like an angel. Because there is no such power to break her.

Trust her. Love her. Be proud of her.