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6 Things You’ll Experience When You Meet A Good, Honest Man After Dating A Narcissist


Being in a relationship with a narcissist is hard and painful, but breaking free from that prison is even harder and more painful.

Narcissistic individuals are incapable of building meaningful, harmonious, happy, healthy relationships. When you’re in a narcissistic relationship, you’re dating someone who doesn’t treat you like a priority, but an option.

You’re dating someone who always puts his feelings, needs, desires, and problems before your own. You’re dating someone who considers himself smarter, better, and superior to you, which causes you to gradually lose your sense of self-respect and self-worth.

When you’re in a narcissistic relationship, your main role is to boost your partner’s ego, flatter him, and always make him the center of attention since it is all about him and the way he wants to feel and never about you.

When you’re in a narcissistic relationship, you get used to being disrespected, criticized, and manipulated, and the bad thing is that you don’t do anything to change this until things get out of control.

When you finally pluck up the courage to break free from the relationship and let go of the narcissist, another obstacle is thrown your way. You meet a nice man who gives you all the attention, respect, and affection you deserve, but it’s very difficult for you to trust him and give in.

This man will be a complete opposite to your narcissistic ex-partner and here are 6 things you’ll experience when you meet him:

1. He’ll want you to trust him.

He’ll know that your trust was broken time and time again in your last relationship. He’ll know that you were in a relationship in which you were always given empty promises and lame excuses. He’ll know that your narcissistic a**hole of an ex manipulated you and lied to you many times.

But, this man will never treat you this way. Instead, he’ll treat you with kindness, compassion, dignity, and love. He’ll be patient with you. He won’t rush you or expect you to do things you don’t want to. He’ll prove that he deserves your trust.

2. He’ll know your worth.

Unlike the narcissist that didn’t believe in you and never encouraged you to pursue your goals and follow your dreams and passions, this man will believe in you and know your worth. With his words and actions, he’ll inspire you to set high goals and never stop chasing your dreams. He’ll believe that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

And most importantly, he’ll make sure you’re always aware of your qualities and strength yourself.

3. He’ll attentively listen to you.

Unlike your manipulative, egotistic narcissistic ex who never showed interest in your opinions, ideas, and beliefs, this man will show you that your words have a meaning for him.

He’ll attentively listen to you when you want to tell him how you spent your day, but also when you want to vent about your problems or complain about your jealous co-worker. He’ll show that your opinions and problems mean to him.

4. He will apologize.

In your last relationship, you rarely, not to say never, heard the phrase, “I’m sorry.” Because whatever went wrong between you and your narcissistic ex, it was always your fault-never his. He never admitted his mistakes and wrongdoings.

But this man won’t be ashamed or afraid to take responsibility for his actions. He won’t blame you for your relationship problems and arguments. And most importantly, if he does something that might hurt your feelings, he’ll apologize to you for it and make sure he corrects his mistake and make it up to you.  

5. He’ll be thoughtful, gentle, and loving.

In your last relationship, you were the one who had to plan all your dates, birthday parties, and holidays. You were the one that had to keep the spark between you alive and make your relationship exciting.

But, things will be different with this man because you’ll do all of this together. This man will be willing to do all those little and seemingly unimportant things that actually mean a lot. He’ll leave you cute love notes on your bed in the morning so that you can start your day knowing how loved you are.

He’ll send flowers to you at work so that you know that he’s always thinking about you. This man will shower you with sweet words and affection.

6. He’ll teach you what real love is.

Unlike your narcissistic ex who made you believe that love is hard and painful, this man will show you the opposite – that loving and being loved by someone is one of the most amazing and fulfilling experiences one can ever have.

He’ll show you that genuine, honest people are real and he’ll help you start believing in love again. He’ll make you feel like you’re the most cherished and important person in the world. And most importantly, he’ll be the person who will make sure you always love yourself.

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6 Things You\'ll Experience When You Meet A Good, Honest Man After Dating A Narcissist