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6 Tips For Understanding Your Baby’s Body Language


Yes, babies can’t speak, but they can, in fact, tell you how they feel or what they need with every small action they do. That’s why it’s essential for every parent to be able to understand their baby’s body language.

Following are 6 tips for understanding a baby’s body language.  

1. Incessant kicking.

If the baby is constantly kicking and she/he appears happy, chances are that it wants to play. But if the baby seems fussy, then this could be a sign that it is feeling bothered by something.

2. Clenched fist.

Babies tend to clench their fists when they are really hungry.

3. Pulling ears.

If you notice that your baby is grabbing its ears too often, do not immediately see this as a sign that it is nervous or that it is not feeling well. In most cases, babies do this because they’ve just realized they have ears.

4. Scrunched-up knees.

When babies scrunch up their knees, in most cases, this is a sign that they have constipation or gas or that they pass a bowel movement.

5. Head-banging.

Babies usually move back and forth because they find this soothing. But if your baby does this too much and prefers doing that than to play with toys, other kids, or you, then you should take him/her to their pediatrician to be checked.

6. Arm jerks.

When babies are scared by a loud noise, this sometimes causes their arms to jerk.

6 Tips For Understanding Your Baby’s Body Language