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6 Wedding Cake Flavours That Can Leave Your Taste Buds In Awe


It is true to the core that “food is the way to a man’s heart.” Especially, when we talk about all the people with a sweet tooth, they go on an eating spree at a wedding. Moreover, the delicious food stations that are dedicated for the sweet savoury food is something that can make anybody happy, and absolutely difficult to overlook! And not to forget that the sole motive of a lot of people to attend a wedding is the dessert section.

And the most widely awaited dessert that everybody likes to relish at a wedding is the sweet wedding cake. But if you ask us, then we would affirm without doubt, that deciding upon a wedding cake can be very difficult. Who knows what will suit the taste buds of all the guests and relatives. Moreover, there are plenty of trendy plating ideas and cake decorations that you have to keep in mind with the flavour as well. But to help you with this issue, we have a list of delicious and mouth-watering wedding cake flavours best observed at the weddings with the budget wedding caterers in Delhi.

These wedding cakes won’t just impress the guests, but will also leave an appetizing effect on them to indulge in the magnificence of your wedding menu. So go through the variety of tastes that you can serve on your very special day!

Lemon Cake

If you are one of those people who likes to experiment with unusual yet delicious flavours then Lemon Cake can be the best option for you! Lemon Cake is a soft and delicious dessert with the qualities to melt everybody’s heart very easily. It has a very fresh taste, which can pop the lemon in your mouth.

Red Velvet Cake

A wedding cake is a very important addition of the D-Day. Moreover, a wedding cake is a dish that is cut to initiate the lovely bond, so it should match the wedding vibe better than anything! The Red Velvet Cake matches the exuberance of the special day from both ways, the appearance and taste. So, go with this colour of passion on this wedding season.

White Raspberry Cream Filling Cake

If you ask anybody what is the wedding food they have craved at midnight then White Raspberry Cream Filling Cake would be there answer without any hesitation. This cake can not only leave people at awe with its tasty bits but also with its unique decoration ideas.

Mango Mousse Cake

No wonder mango is considered as the king of all fruits and everybody wants to devour this amazingly toothsome fruit! From the no-baking convenient recipe to the summer-y vibe, this cake will scream mango to your taste palette. The best part is the jiggling mango topping that this cake has, paired with the biscuit base.

                                   Midnight Blueberry Cake     

One of the most unusual and uncommon cake flavours is the Midnight Blueberry Cake. This cake tastes like a sweet and sour bomb popping in your mouth. The best part is that the sweet that we are talking about here is the dark chocolate and the sour is the tangy blueberries that go really well together. So if you are looking for a new variety then this can be a very pro-choice. 

Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake

One of the classic wedding cakes is the strawberry cream cheese cake that is not just fluffy but absolutely droolicious to eat. The white colour of the wedding decorated with the scrumptious layer of vibrant strawberry is something that can depict the purity and the vibrancy of the wedding in the first go!  To read more about cakes visit https://www.shaadidukaan.com