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A 6-Year-Old Boy Makes $11 Million A Year On YouTube Reviewing Toys


Ryan is a 6-year-old boy and a ‘host’ of Ryan ToysReview which is a very popular channel on YouTube for toy-review. This 6-year-old ‘host’ is also a multimillionaire.

According to Forbes’ list, Ryan ToysReview, a family-run channel on YouTube, generated almost $11 million in 2017.

This $11 million raw estimate placed Ryan ToysReview on the eighth place on Forbes’ list along with the American sketch comedy YouTube channel Smosh.

Ryan’s parents have shot and released videos of the young boy’s reviews almost daily since the beginning of Ryan ToysReview back in March 2015.

Ryan, then a 4-year-old boy, and a great fan of toy-review, asked his parents to make him a YouTube channel where he could review toys.

He started slowly until his video went viral in July 2015. The video showed Ryan opening a box of more than a hundred Pixar’s “Cars” toys and reviewing them. It had more than 800 million views.

Ryan’s YouTube channel now reviews new toys with the videos including Ryan’s enthusiastic and earnest commentaries.

The channel now has an audience of about 10 million subscribers which has an income of approximately $1 million a month from advertising alone.

Watch Ryan, the lucky boy, reviewing a DIY candy dispenser: