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63-Year-Old Mom And Her 36, 40, and 41-Year-Old Daughters Shock The World With Their Youthful Looks


Meet the youngest looking family ever! The women of one Taiwanese family stun the world with their extremely youthful looks.

The fashion blogger and an interior designer Lure Hsu (41) astonished millions of people worldwide because of her incredibly youthful looking skin. However, after a while, people noticed that she is not the only young-looking woman in her family.

Her two sisters, Fayfay (40) and Sharon (36) both look like they are in their student years.

And their mother… Their mother is a retired dancer who people easily mistake her as their sister even though she is 63-year-old.

They look so young that the Taiwanese media calls these women “the family of frozen ages.” But, what’s their secret?

In an interview, Lure revealed that their secret key to their youthful looks is eating vegetables and drinking a lot of water. Also, she told that moisturizing your skin is very important because once the skin is moisturized and has enough water, you needn’t have to worry about wrinkles and aging.

Her sister Fayfay also recommends drinking a lot of water, and she adds that she drinks 350-500 ml lukewarm water every morning in the last decade.

So, there you have it! The secret to stopping the aging process is cheaper than you think – it’s water!