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7 Clear Signs That Show He’s Truly And Madly In Love With You


Actions speak louder than words may sound like a cliché, but when it comes to men and the way they express their love, this is the absolute truth.

Men like to keep things simple. And I believe we can all agree that they’re not very good at putting their emotions into words. However, just because they don’t go around saying “I love you” to every woman, it doesn’t mean they’re insensitive, cold, or too afraid to love.

The thing is that a man has to be sure about the woman he loves. He’ll never say “I love you” to someone he’s just in a casual relationship with.

But, when a man is truly and madly in love, he won’t feel ashamed or afraid to show that. He’ll express his emotions openly and he won’t care whether someone will say he’s weak or less of a man.

When a man is truly in love, he’ll devote himself completely to you and your happiness and make sure you know how much you mean to him.

Here are 7 signs that show he’s truly and madly in love with you:

1. He sacrifices for you.

When a man is truly and unconditionally in love, he is willing to make sacrifices for his woman’s happiness. He’s willing to sacrifice his own needs, wishes, and even happiness so as to make you feel happy and fulfilled. He puts your feelings and needs before his.

2. He attentively listens to you.

When you share your worries and problems with him or complain about your jealous coworker, he actively listens to you. He doesn’t just stand there and nod his head while his brain is wandering off who knows where, but he pays attention to what you have to say because your words matter to him.

3. He fights for your love.

When a man is truly in love, he’s not afraid to show you his feelings and vulnerable sides. The only thing he’s afraid of is losing you. Therefore, he makes sure he nurtures the love that exists between you. He treats you with kindness, compassion, affection, and dignity. He takes care of you and makes sure you know how important you are to him.

4. He also fights with you.

Every couple fights. In every relationship, arguments are inevitable and they’re also necessary since it is during these times that your love is put to test.

When you’re with a man who is truly and madly in love with you, he doesn’t sweep your relationship problems under the carpet and pretend like they don’t exist. He doesn’t play the victim role and shift the blame onto you for everything that goes wrong in the relationship. Instead, he makes sure you two talk your problems out and reach a solution that’s the best for both of you.

5. He shows you his vulnerable sides.

When a man is truly in love, he doesn’t feel ashamed or afraid to show his woman his vulnerabilities and fears.

He is not afraid to open his heart to you and share with you his darkest secrets, worries, and problems. He doesn’t even feel ashamed to drop a tear or two when you’re watching some sad movie together.

It’s simple – when a man is truly and madly in love with you, he lets you see every part of him.

6. He’s proud of you.

He’s proud of you the way you are. He knows all your qualities, strengths as well as insecurities, annoying habits, and fears and he accepts and admires you just the way you are.

He’s proud of your achievements as well. He feels happy when you achieve your goals. And most importantly, the happiness and pride he feels in his soul are genuine. Because where there’s true love, there’s no competition. Your happiness is his happiness. Your successes are his successes.

7. He cares about your loved ones.

He knows how much your family and friends mean to you, and therefore he makes sure he respects and gets along well with them. Even if he doesn’t like some relative or friend of yours, he’d never allow himself to badmouth or get into angry fights with them.

When the guy you’re with really loves you and respects you, he makes sure he treats your loved ones with the same amount of kindness, respect, and dignity he treats you.

7 Clear Signs That Show He’s Truly And Madly In Love With You