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7 Clear Signs You Are Dating A Good-Hearted Man After A Narcissistic Relationship


Narcissistic relationships are poisonous. The monster that lies within a soul of a narcissist feeds itself sucking blood from you. It leaves you out of breath. It makes you anxious and depressed.

A relationship with a narcissistic partner is a one-way relationship: you only give love, they only take it. It’s all about them. You matter only and only when they use you for their own purposes.

In the beginning, a narcissist does everything to make you happy and assures you that you are their world. Once they get under your skin, all the masks fall off, and they show you their ugly face. Face created of lies, fakeness, and betrayal.

You are dating someone who makes you lose your own identity. Day by day, you start forgetting who you are. You get used to their presence. You start believing you don’t deserve anything better than being an object of a narcissist’s tortures and manipulation.

You become their victim, you get traumatized and confused. You want to end this toxic relationship but breaking free from a narcissistic relationship is more than hard. It leaves a baggage full of tears, fears and painful scars for a lifetime.

You take this emotional baggage with you…when you finally meet him- a respectable man with a good heart, a man worth your love.

Here are 7 clear signs you have met a good man after a narcissistic relationship.

1. He is patient.

A good-hearted man tries to understand what you went through. Instead of being selfish and thinking about himself only, he supports you to overcome the trauma you’re facing.

He doesn’t push you to talk about your painful memories. He wants you to trust him. He wants you to gain trust in people and be able to trust yourself again.

2. He listens to you.

A good-hearted man pays attention to what you say. He is not self-centered like your ex-partner. He cares about you. Your voice matters to him.

Being in a relationship with him means understanding and freedom.

3. He is kind and humble.

While a narcissist’s mood changes like the weather, a good-hearted man always shows you his kindness. He treats you nicely and with respect.

Moreover, he neither shows off with his accomplishments nor seeks for constant attention, admiration, and ego-boosting.

4. He brings back the confidence you lost.

Your narcissistic partner made you doubt yourself. You lost your identity, self-worth, self-respect, and confidence.

A good-hearted man believes in your choices and supports your decisions. He evokes all the buried feelings within you. He is confident in you. You get confident in yourself.

5. He apologizes when he is wrong.

The narcissist was always right, and he was apologizing only when he needed something from you. Well, it’s not the same case with your present partner.

Of course, there will be fights, but if he is wrong, a good-hearted man will accept his mistakes, apologize and make sure he won’t repeat them in future.

6. He doesn’t manipulate with you.

He doesn’t lie or cheat. He doesn’t throw blames at you. You are not a toy to be controlled by him.

Being in a relationship with a good-hearted man isn’t like stepping on a hidden mine. It makes you feel comfortable rather than cautious about everything you say or do.

7. He treats you the way you deserve.

A good-hearted man treats you like a human being; with love and respect, patience and trust. With sincerity and kindness.

He is willing to give you the whole world in the palm of your hands because he knows you deserve to be loved. He will go the extra mile to make you happy and get your life back on the track.

You realize you deserve to fall in love again, with the right person, and without any fear. With him, you realize life is worth living.

Image: evuschka