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7 Cycling Gadgets You Need to Check Out Now


Cycling is the perfect activity to get fit, save money, and help the environment. It’s been proven to have several health benefits, including boosting cardiovascular fitness, building muscles, strengthening the bones, and improving mental health. This is why biking has increasingly become more popular over the years.

And this is apparent in the many advances in technology in biking gadgets that are now available to riders. Whether you’re a new biker or a longtime rider, these must-try gadgets will improve your overall cycling experience as well as keep you safe on the road.

Laser Bicycle Light

High visibility is a priority when riding a bike, especially at night, during bad weather, or in the dark. A laser bicycle light uses LED lights to project a bicycle symbol on the road, about six meters ahead, to let other commuters know that a rider is incoming. This can help avoid collisions with other vehicles and pedestrians especially when turning at a blind spot.

Bike Lighting System

A lot of advancements in biking technology center on increasing the rider’s visibility, and the bike lighting system is one of those that are taking the biking community by storm. This technology uses responsive LED rings mounted on the bicycle wheels to provide 360-degree illumination and high visibility when you’re riding. Some systems also integrate turn signals and smart brake lights that notify other commuters when you intend to slow down. 

Cycling Power Meter

For those who are aiming to improve their biking performance, a cycling power meter is the perfect tool to track progress and help your training. The device provides insight into your performance by allowing you to monitor how much power you use on the bike. More advanced designs use an accelerometer, a wind pressure sensor, an elevation sensor, and a speed sensor to get an accurate measurement of power.

Battery-Powered Biking Bell

Another way you can make yourself noticeable on the road is to use a biking bell. Modern biking bells are battery-powered, so they produce sound intensity over 90 decibels to warn other road users better. The small device can be attached to the bike’s handlebar and is weather resistant. Most modern biking bells also come with several sound options to choose from. 

Smart Lock

Safeguard your bike with a smart lock system that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, letting unlock your bike without a key, and check in on it from time to time. The smart lock sends an alarm to your phone whenever your bike is disturbed or if it senses someone trying to remove it by force.

And in case a thieving attempt succeeds, it also a geolocator to help you track its location and get it back. Some models also come with mounted solar panels so the device can charge by itself.

Turn Signal Gloves

One of the rules of safe cycling is to clearly communicate your intention—whether you’re turning, stopping, or overtaking—to other road users. Cyclers typically use gestures and body language to signal other drivers. But sometimes, other road users don’t notice these warnings, especially in high-traffic areas.

This is where turn signal gloves come in handy. The LED lights mounted on the gloves makes the biker’s hand easier to see, especially at night or in the dark, when they signal a turn. Most drivers instinctively look out for light signals, so it helps when cyclers make themselves noticeable this way.

Bicycle Dynamo 

Use a bicycle dynamo to harness the energy on your wheel to charge your smartphone and store energy for future charges. A bicycle dynamo is typically mounted on the rear hub of the bike where it collects the rotational energy of the wheels, converts it to power, and charges your phone, power bank, and low-power devices. Nowadays, you find a range of dynamo hubs, from the most high-efficiency ones to basic chargers, in the market.

Stay Safe and Fit

If you’re planning to take up a new hobby soon, cycling is one of the best activities you can start. It offers good exercise for your mind and body, without straining your muscles and bones. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and cost-effective. You can equip your bike with the modern gadgets to have a safer and improved biking experience.