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7 Most Important Things You Need To Know About Your “Vulva”


As a girl, I remember I used to have sooo many questions that I was too ashamed to ask while I was growing up. Indeed, at 26, I’m still not sure that I know everything when it comes to my body or my period.

The vulva is still a mysterious place to me, I must admit. But, I wanted to change that, so I did some research. I talked to professionals, read many books on the topic, and I also Googled some stuff.

I discovered many unusual things that really surprised me. For example, do you know that the clit is as big as a medium zucchini?

1.There is a lot more down there, but some vulvas lack some parts

When we say vulva, we think of everything private down there, but the truth is there are many more “private parts” which we cannot see, such as the cervix.

The visible part includes the perineum, the inner and outer labia and the clit, although the clit is mostly hidden.

Fun fact: The clit is not as small as we think, but instead it is a long organ hidden inside and it can be as big as a “medium zucchini”. Also, some vulvas don’t have hymens, which is the reason for not all girls have similar sexual experiences.  

2. Vulvas look differently on the outside, but rarely on the inside

On the outside, many women have labia with different shades of brown or even purplish. Indeed, you can have different colors in different parts of the vulva. However, on the inside, all generally look the same.

There can be some variations in the length of the labia because often they’re not symmetrical. In most women, the one side is bigger.

3. It is pretty elastic

Indeed, it’s open and its sides widen whenever you put on a tampon or during intercourse. It’s true that it’s very elastic and it cannot be stretched out. This might happen only for some women during child birth, but it can be fixed with exercises afterward.

And don’t worry if you haven’t had intercourse for a long time – the vulva will never be as tight as the time before the first sexual experience. You can be sure that you won’t “revirginize”.

4. It’s full of bacteria, but it also cleans itself

Your vulva is home to good bacteria that keeps you safe and healthy. The female organ is amazing when it comes to self-cleaning. Indeed, you don’t have to wash the inside.

The discharge is the way it is cleaning itself. You just need to wash the outside. When it comes to the smell, it can be different depending on your cycle. Thus, it is stronger before your period or during intercourse. However, the smell shouldn’t become unpleasantly strong and if it does, you should see a doctor.

5. Intercourse does it good

Regular intercourse does the female private parts good because it helps you reduce the stress and anxiety. However, as good as it is to relax, too much action in a short period of time is not recommended since it might leave you with a urinary tract infection. So, be careful.

6. Your organs are bigger when you’re turned on

Laurence Orbuch, director of Gyn Laparoscopic Associates says that the clit gets a “boner” when the woman is turned on. Actually, the whole female organ gets bigger then and it can even increase double of her normal size. The reason for that is a process called tenting, which helps the sperm get to the cervix faster.

7. The clit is much more powerful than you think

Many doctors compare the clit as an equivalent to the penis. The reason lies in the nerve endings. While the male organ has around 4,000 sensory nerve endings, it is considered that the female clit has much more, or more precisely, around 8,000. It’s good to be a woman, isn’t it?

When it comes to your genitals, there is much more than girls expect. That’s why is totally okay to ask questions, do research or go see a doctor for safety and health reasons. The sooner you get to know your body, the better you will feel in it.

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