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7 Powerful Truths To Remember When Everything Goes Wrong


Life. It breaks us. It tears us apart like a bloodthirsty dog. It wraps us around with its chaos, pain, tears…Still, it’s beautiful. Still, it’s a wonderful gift from the sky.

When everything seems to be falling apart and you can’t see the rainbow after a storm, keep in mind that you can handle this, keep in mind that you are strong.

Here are 7 things to remember when your life is falling apart.

1. We are all in the same boat.

A boat made of fears, tears, broken promises and pains… pains which take away all the light, all the joy from us. Pains that make us blind. Pains are part of life.

However, we don’t seal the same way; we respond to our pains differently. Some people don’t let pains destroy them. They are the winners. And you can be a winner, my friend.

Accept your pain, accept all the changes as a part of the reality, live with it, learn from it, grow, and never, never let it defeat you!

2. Each struggle is an opportunity for growth.

Difficulties are not obstacles but opportunities. Challenges are a new chance for a better, more fulfilled life.

Every time you face a difficulty, you learn something new. Remember, difficulties teach you and change you. They prepare you to take the next step of your life journey.

As Einstein said: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”

3. Pain will make you stronger.

You will fall. Again and again. And you will find a strength to stand up. It lies within you. Deep inside. In your hope. In your faith for a better tomorrow.

Life will hit you hard. But remember, you can keep moving forward! Pain will make you stronger.

Be proud of your scar as they are signs of your braveness and strength.

4. Keep going through the storm.

It is windy. It rains a lot. The dark power of the storm makes you cold. It leaves you sad, disappointed, without any hopes. In the middle of its freezing coldness your broken heart burns…

I know… But remember, keep going through the storm. With all your tears and a head up high. Because in the end, you will see the day. Because the storm will pass, and you will see the light.

5. This too shall pass.

Broken heart, lost love, stressful situations at work, pains, sufferings…

Nothing last forever. Everything has its beginning…and end. Remember that.

Therefore, find the courage to laugh again, be happy and make other people happy. Find the courage to love, enjoy the present moment, because that’s the essence of life.

6. Miracles happen. Always.

Miracles happen because you believe in them. Because you are a miracle.

Believe in yourself, fight for your dreams, lose yourself in the beauty of life, let your spirit wander the excitement of the unknown. Find your soul there. Renewed. Majestic. Pure as light.

7. What is meant to be will find its way.

You may force things, but that’s not the way they happen. Things happen themselves.

Patience is the key to survive every storm, remember. Relax, breathe, let it go…If it’s meant to be, it will be.

Appreciate your life and remember: You are not alone. You are stronger than your pain. You are a human being. You have a life mission to fulfill. You exist. Life will take you where you need to go.

Image:Lizzy Gadd