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7 Practical Tips For Writing a Research Paper


Yes, there are many website that writes essays for you that are quality driven. You certainly need to pay price but the problem is that you will have to spend a lot of time trying to test the credibility of the thousands of custom writing platforms. But before moving ahead we need to see some practical tips for writing a research paper.

A research paper is a work reflecting the results of the research activity of the author (authors). For research papers characterized by complex sentences ,Information is presented clearly, specifically in detail.

1. Tasks are actions necessary to achieve the goal. You can form such tasks:

  • The actualization of statistical data for a period;
  • construction of a mathematical model; estimation of adequacy.
  • models using different evaluation criteria;
  • construction of the forecast for 2 periods ahead.

In general, the tasks respond to the question: “what needs to be done to achieve the goal?”.

2. Structure of the research paper

To write an article laconically and in a logical sequence the work must be structured. The structure of the research paper is as follows: the title of the article; Information about authors; abstract; keywords; introduction; main part; conclusion, list of used literature. The content of the article depends on the chosen topic.

3. Choose a topic for a research paper

Choosing a topic for research is a very important moment. The topic should be relevant, meet new trends. Viewing papers on the Internet are the most common and convenient way to analyze information and select a topic. Any research process is a creative process. Therefore, the topic should be interesting to you and fascinating. Usually, the volume of a research paper is 8-10 pages, therefore the selected topic should be narrowly focused, touching upon a specific problem.

4. When using materials from the Internet

Remember that the information on the network is often of an advertising nature. For a general study of the issue that interests you, expanding your own horizons and choosing the direction of research, this method is quite suitable.

5. The standard font used in the article is Times New Romans, size 14, the line spacing is 1.5 (1.5), the paragraph indent is 1.5 cm.

The lists can be arranged in numbers and dots. The tables are aligned in the middle of the sheet, the title of the table is aligned to the right and placed above the table. At the beginning of the title is the word “Table” with the sequence number of the attachment.

Another thing is with the drawings, they are aligned in the middle, but the captions to the drawings are placed under them and also aligned in the middle. Diagrams and graphs are best done in the form of drawings, so you definitely will not go wrong.

6. The coordination of the plan is necessary in order not to rewrite the research paper several times.

A plan is a kind of task. The task must be clearly and clearly stated. Write a plan, specify what will be in the main part (for example, the relevance and a couple of words about it), describe how you see the main part (for example, which authors will investigate which research will be conducted).

7. Conclusions

A description of the results of the study, a summary of all that was written in the main part. Conclusions need to be formed in such a way as to prove that the goals and objectives set were realized, that the result is obtained, and it has value (economic, social, sectoral, etc.).