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7 Reasons Why Strong People Let Karma Do The Dirty Work For Them


Life is not perfect, and neither is any one of the people you know. In fact, there are so many people who fall for small temptations that can hurt others. You must have been hurt many times in your life, as everyone has.

When this usually happens, many are tempted to strike a blow with the same force and give them a dose of their own medicine.  And then, there are those who are strong enough to let go, and let Karma do the dirty work for them.

So, why do these people let go and not act as many would do? Here are 7 good reasons.

1. Knowing when to stand down

It’s true that people do very inconsiderate things that cause a lot of pain. But knowing when to stand down is important. If you want to continue the cycle, there is only more pain in front.

2. Revenge doesn’t feel as good as you think

You can’t achieve a lot with revenge, and those who have experienced this will tell you the same. The pain is yours to bear, and revenge can’t do a lot to loosen it. Instead, focusing on yourself is more important.

3. Revenge can cause a lot more trouble than it’s worth

Negative deeds set a series of negative events in motion. In the end, revenge can cause so much trouble, that you are simply better off by not doing anything.

4. Karma has a way of catching up

What you reap is what you sow, and a wise person will know that everybody gets what they deserve. So, why chasing after that person when they’ll get what’s coming to them anyway?

5. Everyone is responsible for their own karma

If someone hurt you or did something bad to you, they have their own karma to pay off. Why build yourself a karmic debt by doing something negative to them? You may feel evened out, but in the end, you’ll have your own karma to pay as well.

6. Knowing you’re better than that

Some people do these things because they are way lower than you – it takes a low person to act lowly. You’re better than that – stooping to their level means that you accept to change to something worse because of them.

7. You should never allow to become someone you wouldn’t be

If someone’s negative actions have made you into a bitter person, they won. Don’t allow to become someone you’d never be – especially because of someone you’d never be.


Strength means knowing who you are and knowing that the only change you’ll accept is one that makes you bigger than you were, not smaller. That’s why you should let Karma do the dirty work for you – it always does, and the less you think about revenge, the quicker Karma reaches them.


Inspired by Awareness Act.