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7 Reasons why build things by yourself can help your mental health


Mental health should be taken very seriously. In this day and age, many persons, especially those from the younger generation, suffer from mental health issues stemming from the social media age and the pressures of their everyday life.

Whether it is struggling with their identity, dealing with what persons expect of them, or comparing themselves to others, the mental torture does not seem to be reaching an end. And while therapy and positive thinking may help mental health, there is another, more fulfilling way to cope with mental health issues and promote or improve mental health.

One way in which you can help your mental health is by choosing to build things by yourself. Here are seven reasons why building things by yourself can help your mental health:


Many people who suffer from mental health issues will tell you that they feel like their life is dull and boring. They have no drive, no reason to get out of bed, nothing to looking forward to. Everything and every day is a drag and they are just waiting on the end of it all.

When you choose to build things for yourself, you will come to appreciate the process and you will be able to look forward to its completion. Building things for yourself will give you the drive you need to continue on in life.


What many people lack in life is a clear and obvious purpose. They search high and low for a grand revelation and end up getting disappointed when they cannot find it.

But what if you could create your own purpose? What if it could be something as simple as building your own driveway? Look around, what needs to be done? Do you have a broken bench outside? That could be your purpose – fixing the bench or building a new one.


Being overworked is bad for your mental health. But having too much time on your hands can also be bad for your mental health. Excessive amounts of free time leave a lot of room for overthinking and creating problems that do not even exist.

Finding something that will occupy this time will leave no room for negative thoughts. Keep yourself busy by building a birdhouse, kitchen cabinet, furniture or a baseboard. There is always something to be done. For jobs like these, you will definitely need the best brad nailer on the market.


Finding yourself and finding your independence can be such a mental release. All the bad vibes and negative energy in your life will be expelled and you will start oozing positivity. One way to find your freedom and independence is by taking on simple tasks by yourself. Build your own fire pit or shelves. You do not need to depend on a soul to accomplish certain things.


Some mental health issues stem from a lack of companionship. Not having friends can really make someone feel alone, unwanted and unloved. This may lead to withdrawal and the making of some pretty terrible decisions.

DIY classes such as woodshop, upcycling and welding are not only fun, but they are also very therapeutic. These classes will have persons from different backgrounds who you can interact with and learn from.

These same persons may end up becoming lifelong friends and who knows, you may even find your life partner here.

While you do not necessarily have to join a class to build something, it surely helps to have proper instruction and companionship.


Other mental health issues stem from the loss of a job or income or financial woes. For even the strongest individuals, a blow like this can make them spiral out of control or give up on life. By making the choice to build things by yourself, you may find that you are quite skilled at it. Plus, others may find that you are quite skilled at it.

What was a hobby or a little DIY project may very well turn into a booming career for you and solve the issue that caused you to feel down in the first place.


When things are put before you for your use, you may not think twice about the effort it took and the work persons put into it. You have it so that is it. By choosing to build things by yourself, you are exposed to the entire process and the intricacies that go into the creation of certain things and as a result, you will gain a greater appreciation for it and life as a whole.

Building things for yourself can be very satisfying and fulfilling. It also promotes good mental health for persons of all age groups.