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7 Ridiculous And Silly Signs That Show You’re In Love


Love is a divine force that can be manifested in many ways. Some are old-fashioned and romantic, some are unexpected and surprising, and some are weird and ridiculous.

And I am sure you can all agree that love makes you do crazy things. But how crazy? Read on to find out!

1. You Can Talk About Your Bodily Functions With Them

Some people are incredibly shy and would never dare to mention farts or poop around others especially if they are not related to them in some way. We were told from a young age that we (especially girls) are not supposed to do these things or talk about them. 

However, when you are around someone you truly love, all these things won’t matter. You won’t be ashamed to fart in front of them, or use the bathroom and do the number two when they’re in the house.

You are so comfortable around each other that you even pee when the other one is in the shower. You don’t see your bodily functions as something to be ashamed of, but rather as a thing that serves to provoke hysterical laughter.

2. They Frustrate The Living Hell Out Of You, But You Tolerate Them Anyway

Even when your partner is being a pain in the ass, you still want to be around them. Your partner might not have realized that you are ALWAYS right, so whenever they do something dumb, you just put a great effort not to put their big stupid head through the wall.

And even though half of the time you are both yelling at each other, this never makes you question your relationship. Because even when you feel like you ‘hate’ them, love and hate are very similar emotions when it comes to their intensity.

So, when you say to them ‘I hate you’ you actually mean ‘I love you,’ don’t you?

3. You Are Willing To Run Errands With Them

They make mundane everyday things a whole different level of fun. When your partner asks you to help them do the laundry, or go with them to the grocery store – you never say no.  

Moreover, that might even turn out to be your best day ever because you and your partner know how to have a blast every time, even when you are running these boring annoying errands.

4. You Will Make Your Life Harder For Them

It can be hard sometimes to manage your time and make time for each other, especially when you both have busy lives. It can take a lot of advance-planning, scheduling and rescheduling to see this person.

However, you are willing to do all that planning. Better yet, you are ready to sacrifice yourself and go to great lengths to see them. You don’t mind if you have to call in sick at work, grab a taxi, hop on a train, and make a hotel reservation in their town in order to see them.

5. They Make You Want To Scream A Lot

Everything gets louder when you are together, even your laughs. You both get passionate when discussing even the most trivial matters.

Moreover, when you are fighting you scream not because of hate or anger, but because you want to be clear and make a point because your partner means a lot to you.

6. You Ask Them A Lot Of Questions

When you truly love someone, it comes naturally to you to ask them a lot of questions: What should we order for dinner? Have you been to Italy? Do you know how taxes work? What are your dreams? What moves you? Where should we go tonight?

Every question you have you direct it to them. It can be rather frustrating for them, but who cares?

7. They Scare The Crap Out Of You

Love can indeed be terrifying. Especially when you start overthinking. Because when you get really close to someone you know deep down that you are headed for a possible hurt. You look at them and you see a person who can hurt you like no one else before. And this scares the shit out of you.

However, this doesn’t stop you from choosing to be with them every day. You learn to live with this fear because you can’t seem to let this person go. They mean so much to you, and you hope that they won’t inflict you pain ever.