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7 Signs Your Skin Care Routine Needs a Reboot


Having a reliable skincare routine can be beneficial and comforting in several ways, but the fact that a skincare routine doesn’t always last forever makes your skin prone to damage.

Most people tend to continue with their skincare routine for years without being aware of the fact that the routine is losing its effectiveness.

What does your face tell you about your regimen? It just might tell when it is time to change some steps in your skincare routine by revealing where exactly you have started to go wrong.

For some of us, it is difficult to embrace change. It is not easy to put together a good signature skincare regimen; it takes months of trial, error, and product testing to determine the right roster of favorites.  

Although no regimen or product guarantees outright aptness, it can help you reach some skincare goals and looks that fit the season, your mood, and your desired aesthetic. 

Here are 7 signs your skin care routine needs a reboot.

#1 You are not getting the results

Physical improvement is what matters when it comes to skin. If you are not getting the desired results after months and years of following the same skincare procedure, it is an indication that you need to change your regimen immediately. It can take some time to see the change in your skin that you are trying to achieve or attempting to treat. However, if you are not getting the desired results, there is something wrong with the procedure you are following. According to beauty tips experts, when you are following a skincare regimen, commit to it for at least 6-12 weeks in order to see whether the routine works or not.

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#2 You are way too dry

Dry patches are difficult to cover up with makeup. The flaky appearance on your skin can be a real pain as they are sometimes in the most flattering of spots. Dry skin, irrespective of the season, can be a sign that the products you are using and the procedures you are following are not apt. However, random dryness is mainly caused due to the use of products that contain wrong ingredients. According to skin experts, certain ingredients can cause skin dryness. In case, if you are experiencing dryness, you need to avoid the use of products containing fragrances and preservatives, salicylic acid, alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, and retinoids.

#3 Your skin is breaking out

All of a sudden, your face covers up with pimples. They are everywhere on your face. It is frustrating and puzzling how on earth you experience blisters after following the same old routine for so long. In most cases, it is hormones. However, if you have gone past the puberty age, it is uncommon. Skin experts believe that it may be due to ‘skin purging.’ It is a phenomenon that increases cell turnover. It can be caused due to the presence of certain ingredients like hydroxy acids or retinoids in your cosmetics. These components bring the pre-existing microcomedones to the skin surface that ultimately turns into cysts, pustules, papules, blackheads, and whiteheads.   

#4 Your skin goes excess oily

It is alarming when your skin goes from shiny, glowy dewiness to slick, wet shine. This happens due to excess oil production. This is a clear indication that your skincare routine needs a reboot. Improper use or over-use of cleansers and exfoliants can cause excess oiliness. Moreover, if you tend to skip out on moisturizing your skin, it can also cause excess oiliness. Your skin requires its natural oils to hydrate and balance your skin texture.

#5 You are experiencing discoloration of the skin

Skin redness is something that you probably don’t want to experience when formulating your routine. If you are experiencing skin discoloration whether in small or large amounts, you might want to be meticulous about some of your usual skincare procedures. Redness or discoloration of skin can be caused due to the application of pimple medication on un-popped pimples or washing your face with hot water. So, if your face is turning red, it might be the time to make some changes to your everyday habits.

#6 You are experiencing the sensation of stinging, burning, or irritation

Skin irritation is an immediate indication that something is wrong with your skin and you need to make some changes to your typical behaviors. Any sort of sensation like burning, tingling, or stinging may occur, but not for long. It should fade away after 3-5 seconds. If the problem persists, they all are the signs of inflammation. 

#7 Suddenly small white bumps appear on your skin

When you see little white bumps on your skin, don’t misinterpret them as breakouts or acne and do what you usually do – pimple popping. These white clusters of small bumps may look like acne, but they could be actually milia. Milia can occur on your skin if you are using wrong moisturizing products.

Final Words

It is never advised to stick to a specific skincare routine for too long. Your skin is not always the same because of the phenomenon called ‘aging.’ Hence, the procedures you follow and the products you use must be accordingly.