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7 Struggles That Only Highly Intelligent People Will Understand


If there was a pill that could make a person the most incredible mastermind, most people would probably bend over backward to get to it. Intelligent is the new sexy for quite a long time.

But despite the fact that being smarty pants comes with a lot of benefits and sounds very appealing, living your everyday life as an extremely intelligent person can sometimes throw you some seriously difficult life challenges.

These are 7 basic struggles only highly intelligent people will understand:

1. Small talks are your worst nightmare

If there’s anything in this world that genius minds struggle the most is trying to maintain a simple small talk with random people. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to come off as arrogant, but small talk can sometimes be so unnecessary and a real waste of time for an intelligent human being.

Their brains are constantly overflowing with creativity and ingenious ideas. They crave brainstorming activities, not wasting their precious time through suffocating dialogues about socially-acceptable topics. Everything a genius wants is a matching open-minded person with whom he’ll discover the deepest mysteries the universe holds.

2. You think more than you speak

Exceptionally intelligent people don’t run through life apathetically. Chances are, there is always something wrong that needs to be fixed and needs your undivided attention.  So, you overthink these issues a lot. You struggle explaining to people the way your thought process flows, and you often end up labeled as introverted or weird.

It takes you more time than an average person to give your optimal answer or a solution to a situation. Additionally, if you haven’t completely figured the perfect idea, you won’t speak at all.

3. You are considered socially awkward

The following comes as a result of the struggles above. Highly intelligent people have a hard time fitting in the usual circles. You often escape people with whom you might end up trapped conversating boring and endless topics. You find yourself more creatively inspired when immersed in solitude and people tend to label you as a socially awkward person.

Hey, no matter what bullies say, that’s not so bad after all. You just insist on taking your time and energy seriously and point it only towards creative reasoning.

4. Your sense of humor is your own

A few lucky ones will understand your hilarious humor. But for other people, you remain a mystery and frequently misinterpreted. Somewhere along the way you eventually get used to the term “Oh, never mind”.

5. You are hard on yourself whenever you don’t “get things”

As a highly intelligent being, you are often too hard on yourself. You’ve set your expectations way up high, and whenever you fail to meet them, you feel foolish. You’ve convinced yourself that as an intelligent person you should always know everything there is and that isn’t supposed to be difficult for you.

But one thing is sure, you can be the smartest person in the world and still not know all the mysteries life holds. And that is okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t let peer pressure put you down. After all, what is life for if not for learning and upgrading?

6. A 09-17h job can easily bore you

The everyday monotonous 09-17h type of work is killing you. Intelligent human beings strive for creativity, and we know for sure that creativity is not based on boundaries and limits.  You are a natural thinker and creative problem solver and that kind of job only drain your intellect. 

7. You struggle to find true love

When it comes down to finding happiness and true love, the struggle is real. You find it very hard to click with someone and you often feel like you don’t belong in the world. You tend to overanalyze the people you maintain contact, just like you overanalyze every other thing.

In addition, you are quicker at spotting problems, which means you may seem negative more than usual. The consequence of your constant lookout for negativity is easily becoming suspicious of other people’s intentions and not feeling comfortable to put your trust into someone which eventually leads to you being alone.

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