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7 Things He Does That Show He Is In Love With You (If He Does #5, Marry Him)


Men and women are very different in many aspects. One such aspect is the way we show our affection. There are so many women who cannot tell if their man is truly in love or he is just having some good time before he vanishes.

So, how can you know if a man is really in love? Here are 7 things only men in love do.

1. He likes hanging out with your family

In a relationship, perhaps the most dreaded part for many would be meeting and spending time with their partner’s family. One can never tell when the situation might get pretty awkward and uncomfortable, and usually, the discomfort starts from the moment you shake hands.

So, if your man wants to hang out with your family and he does not fidget his way in, throughout, and out, then he is definitely onto something. He wants to meet the people who have been part of your life and learn more about them because he takes the relationship with you seriously and he might want to learn more about his potential in-laws.

2. He is not afraid to ask you for fashion advice

Men do not usually ask for help when it comes to clothes. Come to think of it, they rarely ask for any advice, don’t they? So, if your man asks you for advice on their clothing, not only do they trust you, but they want to look the best for your taste.

Just as a hint, try not to make him feel uncomfortable in some adventurous and ‘courageous’ styles. Keep it simple and the way you prefer him the most.

3. He takes an interest in running errands with you

 Even the most interesting person has to do some very boring activities that involve waiting in lines in banks, shopping for groceries, paying bills… If your man takes an interest in joining you, it is not because he loves these nuisances, but because he wants to play house with you and spend more time with you (especially when you need someone to help you forget about the boredom).

4. He likes cooking for you

He does not have to be the best cook, but he will try to do his best when he prepares a meal for you. You should appreciate this a lot because you will most definitely taste the most clumsily made dish full of love. If he is a good cook, then even better!

You should be aware that men do not cook for themselves, even if they know how to. If he does it, it is specially done for you.

5. He will offer to fix things around your house or apartment

If your man wants to fix things at your place, know that he is trying to show you that he is worthy of a husband. He will not mind doing anything from simple tasks like changing a light bulb or the air filter, to something even more complex, like tinkering with the electricity to improve something.

6. He likes to plan special dates or trips with you

Most men will prefer to do things that will pop up at the moment and not pay too much attention to planning. Men in love know that this is not something that will always satisfy their partners. So, they take additional steps in planning special moments, or even trips, that are intended to make you feel like the only person in the world for them.

7. He listens to and remembers details from your stories

It is not that we are always interested in every story that our partner has to say. In fact, some are so trivial and irrelevant that we tend not to actively listen, but rather nod and forget everything we hear the moment we hear it.

If your man listens to your stories actively and remembers details from them, like things about your friends or family, he really cares. He knows that he should be the person whom you can talk to about anything, and he wants to know more about you and be closer to you.

Does your man do these things? If he does, he is definitely a keeper!

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