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7 Top Red Flags A Seemingly Nice Person Secretly Has Vile Intentions


Have you ever met someone who seemed like the nicest and most likable person alive at first sight?

They seemed kind, friendly, and funny and they made a great, powerful impression on you right away.  But, as you got to know them better, you realized that there was something odd and suspicious about them.

Their sweetness was just a façade behind which they hid their true personality. Their kindness was just an image of themselves they sold you and that image was diametrically opposite to their real face.

Unfortunately, the world is full of hypocrites and deceptive people. People that pretend to be nice so as to easily manipulate you and take advantage of you. So, the real question is: How are you going to figure out whether a person who seems very good, honest, and friendly is really nice or not?

Well, all you need to do is be careful and watch out for the following warning signs:

1. You feel bad and drained after talking to them.

Always trust your gut feeling. When you begin feeling negative or strange after talking with someone, this is your intuition telling you that there’s something odd and suspicious about that person. If the person was really nice, you’d feel positively.

So, make sure you always keep in mind that if a person arouses negative feelings and thoughts in you and makes you feel emotionally and mentally drained whenever you talk with them, then this is a sure sign you’re dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

2. They take pleasure in other people’s pain and misfortunes.

When a person is genuinely nice, they sympathize with you when you’re going through rough time or pain. And manipulative, phony people don’t.

You know you’re dealing with someone who has vile intentions when you see a calm, even cheerful, expression on their face every time something bad happens to you.

Seeing that you’re hurt makes them feel more powerful than and superior to you.

3. They show abnormal body language.

Manipulative people know how to use body language and eye contact to make you trust them and take advantage of you.

However, you can see through their manipulation tactics and lies if you look closely at them. For example, eye contact that seems forced and long and that makes you feel uncomfortable might be an indicator that the person you are talking to has bad intentions.

4. They’re highly demanding.

People who appear nice but in reality have vile intentions can be quite demanding. They tend to make constant demands since they consider themselves more important than and superior to others.

They perceive other people just as a means of satisfying their purpose. You can avoid being sucked into their negativity by refusing to fulfill their wishes.

5. They can be extremely persuasive.

A person who seems nice but actually has diabolic intentions will rely on all the manipulation tactics they know to talk you into doing anything they want.

They’ll do their best to inspire confidence in you and then sweet-talk you into doing things you don’t want to do. So, make sure you are very attentive whenever they talk to you and don’t let their charm and sweet, naïve words fool you.

6. They use humor to insult you.

Genuinely nice people don’t use humor to insult others, but those that are hiding behind a nice persona do so. They’ll say something offensive and make mean jokes about your physical appearance, successes, or even your loved ones and then they’ll immediately say: “Hah, I was just kidding.”

What you should do is always keep in mind that their hurtful comments and jokes have nothing to do with who you are as a person and your worth. By putting you down, they feed their own fragile ego and make themselves feel in control.

So, never take their cruel jokes and remarks to heart and never allow them to hurt your feelings and undermine your self-esteem.

7. It’s all about them.

These people dominate conversations so as to make everything about them. No matter what you’re talking about, they always find a way to make themselves the main topic of discussion. They can’t help it. They have an insatiable need to be in the center of attention.

When you find yourself talking to this kind of people, you’d be better off leaving the conversation than trying to express your opinions and make your point because they’ll hardly allow you to have a word in the conversation.