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7 Top Red Flags You Are Arguing With A Sociopath


When a sociopath enters your life, it means only one thing – chaos. These social predators can destroy your life without feeling any shame or guilt because they lack conscience and remorse. They’re incapable of feeling compassion and empathy for someone and they’re not interested in forming healthy, meaningful relationships with others.

The only thing they care about is how to get everyone’s attention and gain power over others. And to achieve this, they use their great acting skills and manipulation techniques.

And what about arguing with these manipulative, inconsiderate, unscrupulous people? It’s just a waste of time. It’s an argument in which you’ll never prove your point or reach a reasonable solution to it. It’s a battle you’ll never win – it’ll only leave you feeling drained and frustrated.

So, to save yourself from playing sociopaths’ devious games and falling into their toxic trap, it’s important that you recognize you’re arguing with one.

In what follows, there are 7 behaviors all sociopaths display when arguing with someone.

1. Pathological lying.

Lying is the way they talk. They constantly lie. It doesn’t matter with whom or about what they are talking, they always have hundreds of lies in store. They lie so much that they often can’t remember what lie they said last. And they do this without feeling any shame or remorse. Honesty or trust are just abstract terms to them.

And if you try to tell them you know they’re lying to you, well, then, get prepared to face their criticism. They’ll never admit their lies or, let alone apologize to you. Instead, they’ll be quick to shift the blame onto you and tell you that you’re being too negative and making a drama out of nothing. They’ll tell you that the only liar they can see in the room is … you.

2. Gaslighting.

Sociopaths say and do things and then categorically deny that those things ever happened. They’re masters at recreating their stories, which makes it easier for them to blame you for “misinterpreting” them.

With their lies and great manipulation games, they’ll try to distort your sense of reality and make you doubt your own logic and sanity. And when this happens, it’ll be much easier for them to manipulate you and win the argument.

3. Body language that doesn’t match their words.

When a sociopath is arguing with you, they focus all their attention and energy to their lies and manipulation tactics, which leaves them almost no time to pay attention to the movements of their body.

They can pretend that they’re calm and that they’re carefully listening to you and trying to understand the point you’re making, but their body rarely matches their words.

Their posture and even the look in their eyes and the tone of their voice almost always reveal their underlying state and true intentions.

And you might not believe it, but sociopaths can sometimes get really nervous when lying.

4. Circular arguments.

When arguing with a sociopath, there’s no point in trying to prove your point (or reach a solution) because with them every argument turns into a lengthy discussion about the argument itself.

Instead of trying to understand the point you’re making and clearly present their own, and, of course, reach a reasonable solution to the argument, as all normal people do, sociopaths mince their words and start bringing up topics that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.

For example, they can start criticizing you for some mistakes you made in the past and that no one remembers anymore.

They do this so as to keep you on the defensive. Because when they succeed in making you defend yourself, you’ll focus all your energy and attention to that, thereby making it easier for them to win the argument.

 5. Provoking.

Sociopaths do anything in their power to provoke your anger because they know this will make it easier for them to write you off as an unstable, paranoid, crazy person.

Oftentimes, after they succeed in making you lose your temper, they play the victim role so as to make people direct their attention to your reaction rather than to their outrageous, crazy behavior.

6. Drama fatigue.

Sociopaths are the biggest drama queens you can ever meet. Their behavior is so strange and shocking that there isn’t a person who doesn’t feel repulsed by it.

Their abnormal, outrageous behavior will tire you eventually and you’ll become desensitized to the things they say and do – things that would otherwise greatly frustrate you. And if you don’t disengage on time, this can cause you damage.

7. Polarizing.

Sociopaths don’t care about other people’s feelings. Moreover, they find joy and satisfaction in causing others damage. They enjoy turning people against each other as it’s easier for them to control their victims when they’re distracted and divided.

They’ll subtly try to poison your mind against the people who are close to you and they’ll continue doing that until they succeed in making you distance yourself from them completely.

When you’re finally alone, without your support system, it’ll be easier for the sociopath to manipulate you and get what they want from you.

7 Top Red Flags You Are Arguing With A Sociopath