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7 Ways Gemini Struggle in Their Love Life


Every zodiac sign has unique challenges when it comes to the way it experiences love and relationships. Aries and Virgos tend to be too guarded, whereas Sagittarii love their freedom and independence way too much. But, what are some of the reasons that make it hard for Gemini to thrive in a relationship? Explore the 7 most common ones below, and check out if you find any of them present in your partner.

#1 They get bored easily

They are natural experimentators. Charming and great at seduction, the Gemini zodiac sign likes the chase sometimes more than what follows after, and for this reason, they may lose interest pretty quickly after achieving their goal. They love diversity, and you always need to keep the relationship dynamic if you want to sustain their interest. The Gemini men are adventure-seekers, so boredom and routine will just steer them away from you.

#2 They love being flirty and promiscuous

They love bringing an upbeat atmosphere to any group, and because they are charming and witty, they often get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Since they get along with others very well and have natural interpersonal skills, they end up shortening the distance with other people quite quickly. If you are in a serious relationship with a Gemini and you often get jealous because of their flirtatious or frivolous attitude, keep in mind it is probably their communication style rather than a sign for infidelity. 

#3 They can be overly idealistic

Gemini is an air sign. They share a common trait with the other two – Aquarius and Libra. Their mantra is “I think,” and they often do think about things through rose-colored glasses. Gemini people may get really stubborn in their perception of the world in an ideal way and refuse to see things as they are. While that might help them in their career or artistic endeavors, in their personal life, it could create friction. Especially, if their significant other is a feet-on-the-ground Capricorn or a practical Taurus.

#4 They change their minds quickly

This is linked to the fact they can’t retain their interest in one thing for too long, or their desire to keep exploring. Sometimes, it happens in a heartbeat, and before you know it, they are on to some other activity. The Gemini person is full of enthusiasm for discovering new horizons and ideas, but sometimes, he/she ends up shifting their focus from one thing to another in a matter of seconds, leaving his/her partner unprepared and in utter surprise. Mostly because a shift of focus is a shift, this means a change in priorities, and unless you are as flexible as Gemini people are, it’s not easy to adapt quickly enough to their style.

#5 They seem too shallow 

When you constantly want to keep busy and active, you might seem like a person who doesn’t go into too much depth – because who has time for that, really? That’s sometimes the case with the Gemini zodiac sign. It’s not their fault, and we all know that appearances are often quite deceiving. Yet, when cultivating a meaningful relationship, you need some time to get to know the inner world of the other person, and their agility is often misread as the lack of interest or superficiality.

#6 Indecisiveness is a big issue

Especially when overwhelmed with too much choice, the Gemini tends to be overly indecisive, which can get out of hand. From the smallest things like which restaurant to eat at tonight to whether they should move to a new city, they could feel unable to choose. If you are someone who takes bold and immediate decisions, this unattractive side of your Gemini partner might create tension between you.

#7 They are very nosy sometimes 

Gemini love being the center of attention. Which means that if a side activity or another person takes the spotlight off them, they will want to know everything about it and why it is more important for you. Even though most of Gemini signs are easy-going and laid-back, some of them are nosy and might disregard your need for personal space.

Are any of these the reason for your last fight with your Gemini lover?  Living under the same roof with someone from this zodiac sign is bliss because of their positive and outgoing character, so don’t let the list above stop you from loving your Gemini!