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7 Ways To Be A Better Relationship Partner


A long-lasting and fulfilling relationship is a source of pure happiness. Creating it is like building a house: you start from the basement and once it’s finished, there’re always some additional changes and decorations to be made.

And you need these changes because you want to create a sense of joy, stability, and coziness… you want to feel safe. Above all, you want to make it your lovely home.

Every change starts with yourself. If you want a better relationship, you need to be willing to become a better partner. Start with yourself: What is the quality of your role in your relationship and how can you improve it?

Here are 7 tiny secrets on how to make your relationship more meaningful and be a better partner.

1. Greet the new day with a big smile.

Wake up and start the day with a positive and fresh spirit. Forget about yesterday’s arguing. Forget about the fact that you have a lot of work to do later. Focus on now. Turn the radio on. Brew a cup of coffee for your partner, give them a hug, show that you care. These tiny daily sweet rituals will make you both enjoy the beauty of each new morning.

2. Get your mind and soul naked.

Your partner is not able to read your mind and decode your thoughts and feelings. Remember that. Therefore, instead of putting all your worries, fears, needs, and suggestions under the carpet, bring them up on the surface. Speak honestly. In this way, you are both engaged in a healthy way of communication and deep understanding.

3. Control your emotions.

Of course, you have a right to express your feelings. Of course, you have a right to get mad, but make sure you raise your voice behind closed doors. There’s nothing more irritating than partners who argue in public. And yes, you don’t want to hurt them and feel sorry after that; You want to be angry, not cruel. Remember: “The tongue has no bones but it’s strong enough to break a heart.”

4. Be creative, be innovative.

Getting caught in routines sucks. Time for you to release all your creativity! Play some chess, ride a bike, laugh a lot, learn to cook delicious meals, create your own spicy games, keep your romance alive. Be the initiator of doing new and different things with your partner every day. Enjoy spending more time together while having fun. Wake up your inner child!

5. Put your smartphone down.

Does your smartphone make you antisocial? -Absolutely; You can’t take your eyes off that addictive screen. The way you give it your whole attention, it seems like you’re in a relationship with it. Don’t get caught in your smartphone’s trap. Make this a rule. You don’t want your partner to feel your absence in your presence, do you?

6. Be happy, not always right.

You have one way of thinking and your partner has another. Because of this, you may have disagreements and that’s normal. Instead of focusing on how to win the argument, try to see from their perspective. Try to put some effort into understanding what’s totally different from you. Give the difference a cheer!

7. Roll up your sleeves and lets’ do it!

Feel free to share this post with your partner as a tiny reminder of what you need to do to be better partners and make your relationship better.

Add your own things to the list and stick to them.

Double your love. Be the best partners in crime.

Image: Yuliya Bahr