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7 Ways To Use A Yoga Blanket


When it comes to yoga, everyone always says that all you need is a yoga mat. Whilst this isn’t wrong, there is one thing you can buy that will make your practice far better and that is a yoga blanket. Yoga blankets aren’t the most talked-about yoga accessory, but they are one that is gaining increasing traction in the yogi world. This is because they offer a lot of versatility to their users whilst giving them the ultimate in comfort. If you aren’t sure how to use a yoga blanket though, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are 7 ways to use a yoga blanket.

As A Blanket!

The first way you can use a yoga blanket is exactly as just that. A blanket. If you are doing a lower energy practice such as yin, you may find that you get cold when you are laying in and holding a certain position. Having a blanket to go over you will make all the difference in how comfortable you feel! Simply unroll it and lay it over you when you are in a low energy position, your joints will thank us!

To Protect Your Knees and Other Bony Bits

There are some positions in yoga that need us to rest on some quite uncomfortable parts. These can be our elbows or our knees. The great thing about yoga blankets is that they aren’t blocks, they are a lot thinner so don’t interrupt your pose. You can fold them a few times to put them under you in order to protect the bits that become sore. This additional cushioning will make longer practices far more bearable.

As A Support 

There are some poses in yoga where you need additional support, be it hip openers or chest openers. Blocks can be quite invasive and are limited by the fact that you can’t reduce their size, whereas blankets you can fold to make sure you get the fit that you want. If you need additional support for your back or your legs, simply roll the blanket so you get the fit and support that you need. This will help you get the most out of your yoga practice.

Reduce Pressure

There are some movements in yoga that can cause pressure on certain parts of your body and if you are new to the practice or you have issues with the pressure, a blanket can help. If you are finding that movements and holds such as a spinal twist is putting your body under too much pressure, especially where your knees touch, then you can reduce this pressure by popping in a yoga blanket. You can fold it as much or as little as you like, but it will help you feel more comfortable during your practice.

Help You Settle Into Stretches

There are some stretches that can cause us mild discomfort, for me it is anything that looks like a hip opening. By folding the blanket in half and laying it across the area you are stretching, you can be sure that you are retaining the heat in your joints which will aid the stretch. You’ll also find that you feel far more comfortable when have finished stretching.

Chest openers

Blocks can feel like they are made out of bricks when you are trying to open your chest. For some people laying on a block isn’t an option and feel as though they miss out entirely on this opener. A yoga blanket gives you a far softer and more gentle way of opening your chest without having to put a block in between your shoulder blades. Simply roll up the blanket and place it where a block would go.

As A Strap

You can also use your blanket as a strap. This isn’t something to do all the time, but if you have forgotten yours, then you can adapt by using the blanket. Straps are most commonly used when you are stretching out the hamstrings. So, you can put the blanket in the same place, mid-foot, and stretch out. If you are doing this, you will want to make sure that you have a cotton blanket, so that you don’t pull it out of shape.

Wrap Up

Yoga blankets are now one of the most versatile pieces of yoga equipment out there which is why they are becoming immensely popular. We have given you 7 different ways that you can use a yoga blanket in your practice, but we promise you that there will be more ways that you can come up with yourself! Yoga blankets can offer you far more comfort and support than plastic mats and blocks, so make sure that for your next practice you take one along with you. The difference it will make to your session is amazing.