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7 Ways Your Body Reacts When You Fall in Love


Falling in love makes lots of changes in the human body. It makes human body release various kinds of chemicals that causes strong feelings for your loved ones. There are various biological changes has been noted in a person who is truly in love with someone he or she really likes. Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world. But, to understand it, is quite difficult. Therefore, there are some of the reactions through which your body will tell you that you are in love with someone are stated below. So, be alert and make sure that you really fall in love with your special someone.

Feel Addicted

Love is an addiction and lovers are like drugs. You get addicted to your lover as much as you spend time with them. Love is one of the most powerful addictions in the world. Falling in love affects your body as similar as drugs. You feel a strongly addicted to your loved ones, therefore, you want to become more hooked with them.

Feel Boastful

Falling in love makes you feel like a drunk. It lowers your anxiety level, fear, and inhibition. When you are in love, you feel yourself much confident. It is scientifically proved that love affects the human brain as much as alcohol does. It affects the different parts of your brain in a very similar way.

Pupils Of Your Eyes Become Wider

When you feel a strong attraction to someone, then the pupils of your eyes become wider. When you see them in front of you, a quick reaction occurs in various branches of your brain and the pupils of your eyes become wider.

Feel A Racing Heart

When you are in true love with someone, then each and every meeting or event make you too more anxious. For example, when you have to choose Valentine gifts for girlfriend on the occasion of Valentine’s day, your heartbeat becomes faster and your mind gets blank. Because of a mental distraction, your mind does not concentrate to decide what to buy for her. 

You Don’t Feel Hungry

When you start to like someone seriously, then your brain starts releasing the stress hormone called Cortisol. It affects your stomach’s blood vessels and effect is that you do not feel hunger. This is the biggest reason people lose their interest in food while they tackle with the feeling of nervousness.

Your Brain Releases Pleasing Hormones

When you are really in love with someone then your brain starts releasing such kinds of hormones which make you feel happy and smiling all the time. The flood of feel-good in certain regions of your brain is associated with pleasure, attention, and motivation kinds of feelings.

You Feel Shyness And Sweaty Palms

When you are in love, you feel shyness and sweaty palms every time without any reason. For instance, when you get Valentine’s day gifts from the person you love, then your brain starts releasing hormones which make you feel shy and your body starts shivering.

So, if you find the aforementioned symptoms in your body, then feel yourself lucky enough because you are in love with a special someone.